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Window Treatments

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When considering window treatments there are many things to contemplate; your current décor, the sizes and shapes of your windows and the image you wish to create with your window treatments, to name but a few.

Curtains now seem very outdated, although can still have their place in certain types of homes, but the most popular current trend, which is set to last due to their durability and practicality, are shutters.

Window Treatments Ideas

Over the past two years sales of shutters as window treatments has increased dramatically, as homeowners have discovered their wonderful, clean, minimalist lines. They can transport any room from the dark ages to ultra-modern or a classy, colonial look with plantation shutters; the need for net curtains to give privacy as a window treatment is well and truly in the past.

If you are thinking about window treatments, then seriously consider S:CRAFT plantation shutters as they can be made to fit any shape or size of window. Bay windows will look spectacular and can also be teamed up with floor length silk drapes as an added feature for when you want the shutters fully folded back.

The Best Solutions for Window Treatments

SHUTTER PHOTOS 051Take a look at each room where you require window treatments, look at the shape of the windows – are they full-length as in French or patio doors? Maybe they are bay-shaped, arched or an irregular size; shutters will not only fit them all, they will make any window look amazing.

Consider also the furniture and other features in each room, such as internal doors, skirting and floor boards and of course the colour and type of your current window frames, as window treatments using shutters will be greatly enhanced if the shutters match the frames.

With curtains being so expensive these days and really not providing a good all-round solution, shutters as window treatments are by far the better option. Curtains only give privacy when they are fully closed; with shutters it is possible to close just the necessary sections, still allowing light to flood in. Curtains need regular washing to keep them dust-free and clean, so are not ideal as window treatments, whereas plantation shutters need only an occasional wipe with a feather duster or a damp sponge.

What Are The Trends For Window Treatments in the UK?

For people who prefer curtains, velvet is making a big comeback, but nothing can match the popularity of the biggest current trend in window treatments, shutters, such as those made by S:CRAFT. Not only will they last indefinitely – S:CRAFT customers will vouch for the fact that their shutters are still like new after ten years – they come in wide range of styles and colours, to suit any room or décor.

Consider plantation shutters in stunning high-gloss white or natural wood, café shutters for that chic French look or solid shutters with louvred tops, to enhance any Victorian home or country cottage.

Slat widths vary or can be made to measure, so you can decide how much light to allow into your rooms and best of all – if you decide to change your décor at any time – you can just paint your shutters to whatever colour you want. Considering all these things will give you a good idea as to the best solutions for your window treatments.