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Window Treatment Ideas

Window treatment ideas

When considering window treatment ideas, today’s requirements and expectations far exceed those of previous decades.

We now are not only expecting our window treatments to look amazing, we also want them to provide insulation and give us plenty of light without losing privacy. Fortunately there are now options available which can provide solutions to any window dressing problems, without foregoing style.

The Top Five Window Treatment Ideas

Here are five great examples to give you an idea:

  • Full Height Plantation Shutters – this type of window dressing is the first choice for many homes and offices. Available in solid or louvred panels, the effect is gorgeous, insulation, light and privacy control maximised and as there is a wide choice of colours and stains which can even be customised if required, décor is easily worked with. These shutters look amazing in any age of property and are perfect for creating a ‘New England’ or ‘Deep American South’ image.
  • Bay Window Shutters – as so many homes, regardless of the age, have bay windows, getting window treatment ideas that will not hide such a wonderful feature is difficult. Made to measure shutters is the answer. Not only will they enhance your bay window, they will also give you the same insulating qualities and control over light and noise as full height shutters. As they will be made especially for your windows, a perfect fit is also guaranteed, which is very important both for looks and practicality.
  • Cafe Style Window Shutters – it is no wonder that these are so popular as not only do they look stunning, giving great kerb appeal, they are also the perfect solution for any property that is on a street where passersby can look into the room. They provide maximum privacy control without losing light, as this is still able to flood in through the top half of the window; this makes them very affordable as they only cover the lower part of the window. The louvres can be opened or closed as needed.
  • Honeycomb Blinds – made from a special fabric which has energy saving qualities, honeycomb blinds, with the top down and bottom up options have a huge advantage over standard blinds as they not only give great insulation, but also allow for perfect control over privacy and light. Honeycomb blinds are available in day and night fabrics, combining a blackout material and an opaque, making them perfect for bedrooms and skylights and they are high on people’s list of window treatment ideas.
  • PURE Wood Venetian Blinds range from S:CRAFT – when it comes to window treatment ideas, this has rapidly become a very popular choice. There is a special system to secure the slat to the cord, which means that it is no longer necessary to punch the large holes that are found in other blinds, which let in light and create a loss of privacy. It is also possible to cut the blinds to allow for door and window furniture and hold down brackets are available to ensure that they stay in place even on the windiest of days.

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Important factors to consider

SHUTTER PHOTOS 011An important factor to consider when buying wooden blinds and shutters, is to make sure that the wood is from a sustainable source and is of good quality.

Think also where they will go as blinds and shutters for humid rooms, such as kitchens and especially bathrooms need to be water resistant; the S:CRAFT selection in ABS is perfect.

One thing is for sure…

One thing is for sure, if amazing looking window treatment ideas are at the top of the list in any part of the home or workplace, then any of the above, at prices to suit all budgets, will certainly fit the bill.