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Window Shutter Designs

Window shutter designs

With around 10 different window shutter designs available it can be difficult to know which ones are right for your windows.

A quick guide to window shutter designs

Advice is always at hand through your local S:CRAFT stockist, but you will always be the one who knows your own taste and while practically is important, so is a great look that makes your rooms stand out from others in your area. We have included a selection of different styles here to give you an idea as to what is on offer, where they are best used and for what age of property.

Discover the perfect shutters for your home

Hopefully this will inspire you to discover the perfect shutters for your home or business.

  • Full Height Plantation Shutters – this is the most popular type of shutter, as it will suit any age of property. They don’t only look amazing, but the privacy bar mid-rail will give you maximum control over privacy and light. They are the ideal window shutter designs for patio doors as they allow fresh air and light in, while keeping unwanted insects out.
  • Bay Window Shutters – A bay window is a stunning feature of any property, characterful or new and the worse thing you can do is to hide it with curtains Shutters will embrace the shape of the bay, while also giving a totally flexible choice in terms of design and look.
  • Bi-Fold and Bi-Pass Track Shutter – perfect for those large expanses of glass, such as patio doors, as this type of shutter runs smoothly on its tracks and is divided into sections which concertina together as you drawn them along. Very elegant, yet extremely practical, the Bi-Fold will look amazing in any kitchen diner or lounge and the By-Pass is perfect for wardrobes and room dividers.
  • MDF ShuttersWindow shutter designs at extremely affordable prices are often made from MDF, sometimes known as craftwood, which is much cheaper than solid wood. The S:CRAFT Antigua range is coated with an extruded polypropylene coating, making them very strong and durable, so perfect for areas where there will be a lot of traffic and constant opening and closing. However Craftwood shutters are not ideal for bathrooms and other humid areas as constant condensation and steam can cause the MDF to warp.
  • Conservatory ShuttersWindow shutter designs are ideal for conservatories, no matter how odd the shape. They will allow light in or keep it out, with a minimum of light bleed, allowing you to use your conservatory all year round.

Track Shutter Designs

Made-to-measure window shutter designs

When considering your window shutter designs, do bear in mind that it is an investment in the beauty of your property, that will last a very long, so fit is extremely important.

Always have your windows measured by a professional, who can then provide you with made-to-measure shutters which will not only look gorgeous, but will never disappoint with their quality, versatility and usefulness.