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White Teak 

Teak Plantation

What is White Teak?

These days the necessity for us all to consider using a sustainable wood is vital and what could be better and more perfect than white teak, otherwise known as gmelina arborea. It is a fast-growing deciduous tree, originating from the Solomon Islands and is one of the strongest and most beautiful woods in the world, with it’s smooth finish and silvery grain.

Because of its extraordinary qualities, it has long been regarded as the ideal wood for shutters, wardrobes, window frames and doors, being lightweight and very hardwearing.

Why Is White Teak So Popular?

Teak has a high oil content which gives it a natural resistance to rot – and those pesky little woodworms don’t like it at all, making it a perfect material for window shutters. The texture looks amazing and the wood is lightweight and odourless with a fine, straight grain, making it easy to carve into difficult designs; perfect for window shutters, including odd-shaped openings, as it holds its form and will not distort with heat or humidity. Another plus with teak window shutters is that they need little or no extra support as the wood is so strong.

The tree is harvested locally for use as a food, medicine and source of materials. Found in the more tropical climates of Asia, the wood is of very good quality, and is regularly used for trading. The tree has suitable characteristics for agroforestry, with fast growth, ease of establishment, and relative freedom from pests outside its natural range

Using one of the World’s Finest Quality Timbers is important when buying shutters or any other piece of furniture, as we all want our purchases to last for the maximum amount of time. But just take a look at the gorgeous silvery colour, touch and enjoy the smooth texture and feel the quality and durability; let the teak speak for itself.

Samoa Shutter Sample

The Samoa Shutter Range from S:CRAFT

Without a doubt, the stunning finish of the stained Samoa range (white teak shutters) is just the tip of their being engineered to perfection. Not only are they versatile and hardwearing, S:CRAFT are also able to offer a huge selection of colours and stains; if that isn’t enough, then take along a paint sample or reference number and get exactly the shade to suit any décor with the custom colour option.

Distinctively robust with an elegant finish, Samoa is a flexible choice for any interior, offering a great solution for almost any home. These shutters feature thick robust frames to have the space to include an optional hidden hinge.

The Samoa range also has a great selection of louvre sizes and there are many different frames and stiles to choose from. Take a look at this great offering and be prepared to be impressed.