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White Teak Plantation Shutters

Shutters Made From White Teak

We all try to do our best when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Not only will your white teak plantation shutters look stunningly beautiful, the wood is also taken from a sustainable source – the Solomon Islands, in the Western Pacific Ocean.

The sustainable forests are protected and all the teak is certified for its origin. It is not known as the ‘connoisseur’s choice’ without good reason:

Why Are White Teak Plantation Shutters So Popular?

  • It is lightweight and odourless, making it perfect for household use and for shutters
  • It has a straight, fine grain, giving it a very attractive overall appearance
  • It is easy to carve, making it the perfect wood for special shaped shutters
  • Because it is lightweight and very strong, it is perfect for large and small windows and doors alike
  • Teak is extremely tough and is very easy to maintain and keep clean

Samoa range from S:CRAFT

Samoa Panels - limed white stainThe natural grain of white teak makes them ideal for plantation shutters, which is why at S:CRAFT we have made them available in 27 shades of wood stain. However, when ordered in the painted finish there are just 23 tones to choose from, and they are also made from premium Ayous wood rather than White Teak.

If you can’t find the perfect shade, then you can provide a colour swatch or reference number and your particular choice can be matched. This flexibility allows you to either work with your existing décor or change it completely, without having to buy new window treatments.

Once you have bought your hardwood plantation shutters, they will adapt with you for a very long time.

Where Can You Put Them?

The answer is simple – pretty much anywhere. For kitchens and bathrooms it is probably better to choose a solution which is 100% waterproof, such as the Java range, but for anywhere else they are perfect.

Because the wood has great flexibility, it can be made into special shapes such as oval, triangle and arched and it is also perfect for creating that ‘deep south’ plantation look. Their popularity increases even more as they look just as gorgeous in a characterful property as they do in a contemporary one.

Full Height Plantation Shutters in Kitchen

Solid panel or Louvred?

Plantation shutters are available in both. The type you choose will depend very much on the design statement you want to create.

For example the plantation look will definitely need louvred panels. These will also give you total control over light and the desired level of privacy. They come with a bar mid-section, as can the solid panels, giving you the further choice of having the top part open and the lower part closed or vice versa.

Solid shutters look amazing in a period property as, although they can also look extremely modern, they do give the feeling of times gone by – the elegant Georgian period perhaps.

Choosing The Best

If you decide to buy hardwood, be sure that it comes from a sustainable source; your S:CRAFT stockist will be able to show you this. Also have your windows measured and your shutters installed by a professional who knows exactly what he or she is doing.

This is a one-time investment and you will want your white teak plantation shutters to not only last a very long time, but to also look incredible, regardless of the age of your property or the size and shape of your windows and doors.