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Why White Shutters Are The Most Popular Choice

If you are redesigning your living space, then white shutters may be ideal for your room. Why should you choose this option? Read on to discover why white shutters are a highly popular choice and why you should consider them.

image of white kitchen shutters

How white plantation shutters can completely change your living space

It is a great idea to brighten up your living space with spring in the air. Adding white shutters is a superb way to achieve this instantly. Clean and crisp, the overall aesthetic of shutters can work wonders and can make your room feel fresh and full of light.

The benefits of natural light and sunshine, as highlighted by Saint Gobain, include an increase in positive mental health and wellbeing, along with regulating the body’s internal clock. White plantation shutters are a way to bring light into your home as efficiently as possible.

Shutters are the perfect answer for giving your living space a refreshing lift. You may be asking yourself; why you should add shutters, and how can shutters change your space?

Why add shutters to your room?

  • Gives your room a lighter feel
  • Offers crisp, fresh design
  • Creates a tidy and clean look
  • Offers more light control

Why are white plantation shutters so popular?

One theory behind why white plantation shutters are so popular is that most homes have white window sills.

It is a sensible design solution to match your window sills with your shutters to avoid too many clashes in your living space.

As Forbes highlights, the colour white can also make your room appear more extensive, and open up the room more than other colour.

When used in a room, white can give the impression of:

  • A clean, fresh, airy feel
  • A tranquil, welcoming space
  • Simplicity and adaptability

The benefits of white plantation shutters

As white naturally lightens and opens up a room, it makes sense that the most popular shutter colour would help with this too.

  • Versatile

There are several reasons why white plantation shutters are a popular choice with our customers. Firstly, they are incredibly versatile. Secondly, they also create the perfect focal point to build the rest of your décor around.

  • A good starting point

White shutters are a good starting point to build a sleek modern design for a room. You can then update your soft furnishings and add some vibrant spring colours to transform it ready for the new season.

  • A good match

White shutters stand the test of time between design changes, making them a perfect choice. They are also a good match for gloss paintwork and uPVC windows that are already installed. This means no mess or fuss on your end.

  • Help with temperature control

White shutters are not only stylish; they are also a good solution as they insulate your home in the colder months, and can ventilate your living space in the hotter months.

  • Endurance

White plantation shutters are made of a high quality, sturdy material, so they pass the endurance test more so than other materials. While fabric can experience wear and tear over time, white plantation shutters are a durable and overall better option.

  • Clean

Unlike other options, shutters are an option that avoids dust from getting trapped, which can be a problem if you suffer from any allergies.

How do plantation shutters work?

  • Shutters are a type of window dressing that allows you to control the amount of light coming through your windows completely.
  • They have solid frames and louvres that can be adjusted as you see fit to let light in or block it out.
  • Shutters are operated in several ways and typically consist of hinged panels that open and close in a concertina-style.

Another bonus to white plantation shutters

If you change the décor of your room in the future, having neutral shutters can be an advantage. White shutters, or similar colours, gives you great flexibility to change your décor without any extra expense.

Spring is the perfect time to give your living space a revamp. You can check out the latest spring design trends and styles that House Beautiful recommends to create a contemporary, welcoming space.

Why white is a good design choice

White is a good design choice as it is a colour which can adapt and suit most styles, no matter the aesthetics of the room. As a great base colour, you can bounce ideas around and create a space tailored to you.

With white plantation shutters installed, you can be safe in the knowledge you have chosen a suitable option that tastefully compliments any room design.

Are white shutters out of style?

It has been said that “white goes with everything,” which is true! It may come as no surprise to learn that white shutters are the biggest selling colour for any window covering.

As a popular choice across the board, by opting for white plantation shutters, you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t be disappointed.

Due to their versatility as a design choice, white plantation shutters have stood the test of time and still remain a top choice with our customers.

We are happy to help you find the perfect fit. You can easily find out more about our options by giving us an email or a call, where we can help run through the options available to you.

Find a look to suit your needs

As well as being the most popular colour choice, we can also offer you a choice with up to 5 white tones from our beautiful Antigua range. This premium range is our most popular choice of window covering.

With multiple shades to choose from, here at S:CRAFT we can assure you that you can find the ideal fit for whatever space you are working with, and whatever look you want to achieve.

With clean, crisp lines, a lighter, brighter living space is instantly achieved with white shutters.

Our most popular white shutter colour is Silk White, but be sure to check out our entire range before you make your decision. Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have.

Are white shutters harder to keep clean?

The answer to this vital question is no! It may surprise you to hear, as white and dirt notoriously do not go hand in hand.

The last thing you want when it comes to your window coverings is an option that requires high maintenance and cleaning. However, shutters and blinds are easy to clean, and it can be as simple as a quick wipe.

You can follow these top tips provided by this tutorial video from Clean My Space for quick and easy tips. These can help you keep your shutters clean the right way, without damaging them.

Some methods include using:

  • Cloth
  • Washing up liquid
  • Water & bucket
  • A vacuum
  • Duster

Unlike heavy curtains, shutters are easy to clean, as dust is less likely to get trapped due to the nature of the design. Through some simple maintenance, your white shutters will look good as new for longer.

How to lift the look of your white plantation shutters

Once you have installed your plantation shutters, you’ll be pleased to know you can adapt them as and when you choose.

Here at S:CRAFT, we offer a vast range of unique colours for your shutters.

If you want to add a statement by adding a splash of colour to your window shutters, you can lift the look of your living space instantly with our great selection of paints and stains.

What’s more, with our custom colour option, you can opt for matching the room, picking out your favourite colours to match. Your living space has instantly changed for the better!

Are other colours available?  

At S:CRAFT, we don’t only offer white shutters. We can also offer you a range of other colour choices.

If you do decide another colour is best for you, you can easily tap into the vast selection of colours we have on offer. If a vibrant custom colour tempts you, this can easily be mirrored by picking out similar tones for cushions and throws.

Doing so can provide symmetry to the overall look and feel of the room. As Ideal Home points out, symmetry can anchor a scheme and help with first impressions.

Whether you are an interior designer, or just looking to get a little creative with your décor, S:CRAFT have all the options you need to turn your design ideas into a reality instantly.

Why not take a further look through our plantation shutters colour palette to start getting inspired for the spring season?

Where to buy S:CRAFT shutters

Now all your questions you have about white plantation shutters have been answered; you may be asking yourself where you can buy S:CRAFT shutters.

You’ll be pleased to know that we have over 400 independent partners, who can provide you with the premium S:CRAFT shutter solution.

If you need help to find us, you can use our stockist locator to find your nearest S:CRAFT dealer and book an appointment.