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Picking The Best Bathroom Window Treatment

Best bathroom treatment

What Is The Best Bathroom Window Treatment?

We all want our bathrooms to be a thing of beauty and the best way to achieve this is with waterproof bathroom window shutters. It is one of the hardest windows in the home or workplace to cover efficiently. We don’t want something that will go mouldy, leaving an underlying musty smell, so a 100 percent waterproof finish is essential. We want a window dressing that is stylish and that will fit in with both a modern décor and a more traditional one.

Venetian blinds gather dust as they collect moisture and become very difficult to clean, curtains are old fashioned and completely unsuitable. But it really is very easy to have, not just a stunningly beautiful window treatment, but also a very functional one with waterproof window shutters and blinds.

The Advantages of Bathroom Shutters

S-CRAFT customers often ask, “what are the best bathroom window treatments”, and, “why can’t we have shutters made from natural wood”. There is no doubt that wood is incredibly versatile and beautiful, but being a natural product and despite being kiln dried in a computerised environment, it is still susceptible to damage in a humid, steamy environment, such as the bathroom. It is therefore very important to buy the right type of waterproof bathroom blinds and shutters for this particular room.

The Java range is the solution and it also will provide many great wet room design ideas. The Java range is made from the very best ABS, (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which is far superior to vinyl shutters. The finish to the S:CRAFT Java selection is of a very high standard, including refined frame profiles; indeed at first glance it is difficult to see that they are actually made from a plastic material, so the best of both worlds.

The benefits of waterproof bathroom window shutters from the Java range include:

  • Stunning good looks which lend themselves to ultra-modern or characterful bathrooms
  • Easy to keep clean – just wipe them over occasionally with a damp cloth
  • Ultimate control over privacy and light. There is no need to worry about being overlooked by neighbouring properties
  • They are 100 percent waterproof, so forget about warping or twisting
  • They are available in a range of different colours, so any décor or colour scheme can be accommodated
  • Certain special shapes are catered for – check with your local stockist

There is nothing quite like waterproof bathroom window shutters and the special ambience that they create will turn any ordinary bathroom into a sumptuous space, regardless of whether it is tiny or palatial.

Loft Bathroom Shutters

Wet Rooms

These have become increasingly popular as bathrooms in modern houses have become smaller. They are perfect for en-suites where space might be tight, as they can fit into a very small area. But what is a wet room? It comprises of an open shower area and usually incorporates a toilet and washbasin. These may well be separated from the shower by a screen, however this is not always the case. The floor will slant slightly towards a drain where the shower is, allowing water to run away. The walls and floor will be completely tiled, as most of the room will get wet while someone is taking a shower. The window will also get wet, making Java shutters essential.

So, what does a wet room look like with ABS shutters? – totally gorgeous of course. The shutters are not only a practical solution, they also create a wonderful finish to the wet room, as no other window treatment can.

Bathroom Themes

Shutters bathroom with hingesYou only have to flick through interior design magazines to see how extraordinarily beautiful we can now make our bathrooms. Anything from New England cool to sunny Caribbean; all is possible with the use of Java shutters. The New England theme incorporates lots of white and blue, so sparkling white shutters and suite together with blue panelling, tiling and accessories complete the image.

For a bright, sunny Caribbean effect, again the ever popular white suite together with creamy white shutters and pale through to more vibrant shades of yellows for the tiling and the walls. Forget about practical overhead lighting, this can be used over the mirror. Think instead about either traditional or contemporary chandeliers, giving that feeling of luxury. The same type of imagination can also be used for wet room design ideas. These can be absolutely spectacular with a white suite and shutters, set against black or dark red tiling – not only stunning, but sexy as well!

What Style Of Shutters To Choose

Once you have decided on the theme for your bathroom or wet room, it is then time to decide on the type of shutters which will provide not just the look that you want, but also the style. This will depend very much on whether the bathroom is overlooked, if you want to make the most of a wonderful view and natural light or if they are purely there for effect. Your S:CRAFT stockist will be able to take you through the most suitable waterproof bathroom window shutters, which will include the following:

Full height – an excellent choice if the ultimate in privacy is required. They will also keep out any unwanted light, so perfect for relaxing in a bubble bath with candlelight after a hard day

Café style – As this design covers only the bottom half of the window, they are perfect for allowing natural light to flood in, while still giving privacy. They also allow you to be able to shower or relax in the bath while looking out at an amazing view

Tier-on-tier – these are the most flexible of all shutters as they combine the best features of them all. Covering the whole of the window, they will provide maximum privacy, yet with a convenient privacy rail mid- section, it is possible to close the bottom half, while leaving the top louvres fully or partially open.

French Door – Attached to the door itself to allow ease of access, these shutters have a cut out section for the handle. These are useful if the door to your bathroom is a glass panel.

Special Shape – Limited shapes are available with the Java range – based on both angles and curves, so check with your local S:CRAFT stockist to see what is on offer.

Another big advantage with Java shutters is that they are available in many different panel and louvre sizes, ranging from the most popular 47mm up to the 114mm. This allows you to choose just how much privacy and light control is necessary. No matter what shape or style of window you may have, your shutters will fit to perfection.

Solid Panel Bathroom Shutters

Turning You Bath Or Wet Room Into a Haven

This is often the only room in the house where you can get some peace and quiet and quality ‘you’ time. Don’t waste that time by gazing around looking at faded paintwork, mildew and dated curtains or plastic blinds.

The Java range of shutters is the only window treatment that will withstand the harsh environment of a bath or shower room. Popular fabrics such as cotton, silk and velvet soon become damp and mouldy, which in turn can damage wooden frames and stain uPVC ones. On those warm, summer days, open your bathroom window wide, letting in the wonderful fragrant air and close the shutters, retaining your privacy and keeping unwanted insects out at the same time – what could be better? This is a room which should put a smile on your face as soon as you enter – not a frown.

Contact your S:CRAFT stockist very soon and make the first move towards turning it into that very special place. Picture waterproof bathroom window shutters in your property and you will immediately see how quickly that transformation can come about.

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