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Wet Room Ideas

Wet room reflection

Wet Room Ideas

It is no wonder that wet rooms are increasing in popularity. Doing away with the shower tray and enclosure means that one can be fitted into the smallest of spaces, making en-suites a serious possibility and adding value to your home.

The first thing to consider is the type of floor that the wet room will sit on. If it is downstairs on a concrete base, then drainage and leaks pose no problem. However if the wet room will be upstairs or on a raised wooden floor with wooden joists, as is normal in most UK homes, then you either need to employ a professional to do the plumbing or consider using a low-profile shower tray that will sit in line with the floor, creating the wet room look but without the worry of water getting through to the joists below.

What To Consider For Your Wet Room

There is a huge range of wet room ideas available and the style you choose will reflect your family’s needs. There are several points to consider before rushing out to choose tiles, paint and window coverings, such as the following:

  • Decide whether or not you need a low-profile shower tray, as everything else will fit around this decision
  • Bearing in mind that the walls become the shower enclosure, do not stint on waterproof wall insulation
  • Find out whether your wet room ideas can incorporate underfloor heating
  • If underfloor heating is not possible then decide where to put a heated towel rail
  • If there is an elderly or disabled person who will be using the wet room, then consider grab rails and a shower seat
  • Determine where the drain will be as this will affect the type of floor tiles which can be used
  • Consider a glass screen to keep the toilet and wash basin dry – nothing worse than wet loo paper!

Finishing a Wet Room Using Waterproof Shutters

Sink and Java ShuttersNow we come to the best bit – deciding on how the finished wet room will look. By now your head will be full of ideas for paint colours, wall and floor tiles, but consider the window.

It is now in a small room and will constantly get wet, but you also need maximum privacy – the perfect solution – waterproof window shutters.

Not only will they look incredibly stylish and chic, but during the day they can be semi-closed, still giving privacy while letting in natural light and fully closed when dark.

Compliment Your Wet Room With The S:CRAFT Java Range

S:CRAFT produces the incredibly stylish Java range of plantation shutters which are made in a lightweight, very hard, high-grade ABS plastic. They are 100 percent waterproof, don’t look like plastic and are much more robust than normal vinyl shutters.

Java is also available in a choice of six different colours and being very easy to keep clean and dry, they are the ultimate solution for any wet room. Compliment your wet room ideas with the S:CRAFT Java Range.


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