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Let shutters make the most of your home this summer!

Shutters for warm sunny days

Home getting stuffy in the warmer summer days? Shutters can help!

Perfect for the stuffy warm climate found in the summer time, plantation shutters are increasingly in vogue for UK homeowners. The stylish lines match most types of interiors, but also allow for good home ventilation and light control. Both are features much needed during the warm summer days.

Plantation shutters help provide a cooler living area in the summer time, while helping insulation during the colder winter months. They can block direct sun, still letting sun or streetlight into the room and allowing good airflow through the moveable louvres. The robus wooden louvres also make them ideal heat blocking window treatments.

So what are plantation shutters?

With origins stretching back as far as Ancient Greece, plantation shutters are still popular to this day in warmer climates. They are often crafted from sustainable hard wood, and feature moveable slats (called louvres) that can be tilted to affect the outside light and visibility within a home.

Considered by many to be the best window coverings for sunny homes, plantation shutters grew in popularity among estate owners in the West Indies. The louvres were ideal for both the heat and harsh sunlight found in the tropical climate. Opening the window and tilting the louvres would reduce the heat indoors, making it less stuffy, while maintaining the household’s privacy.

Sunnier Bedroom in the Morning

What are the best shutters for the brighter summer days?

There are a number of different shutter styles which can help make the most of your living space, and can be made for the unique requirements of every home. Popular full height shutters can have a mid rail included to allow different sections to be tilted independently.

Light control is key for really sunny homes during the days and lighter evenings. The moveable nature of the louvres mean you can enjoy as much, or as little, sunshine in your home as you desire. Café style shutters maximise the light for bright summer days, only covering half of the window, while obscuring your room from people walking past.

Tier on tier style shutters are also ideal for the summer home. Parts of the shutter can be folded back to let the light in, or you can leave sections closed for preference, to help prevent fading on your furniture.

Stylish white plantation shutters

How can you sleep more soundly in the lighter evenings?

One of the drawbacks to the long summer days is that evenings are also much brighter. While good for some, these can be a problem for young children, or those who need to sleep at different times of the day. Parents and shift workers alike need to darken bedrooms in their homes as much as possible during the lighter summer time.

The exclusive Shutter & Shade range from S:CRAFT features the best of both shutters and blinds together. The stylish shutter let you maximise the light during the days, while an integrated Honeycomb Blind lets you block out light when sleep is desired.

Let the light in to the levels you want, ventilate your rooms as desired or enjoy a good sleep during the lighter evenings, there are a number of reasons to choose shutters. This year, don’t struggle with the stuffy climate, heat or harsh sunlight, let plantation shutters into your life and make the most of your home during the longer summer days.