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Try a wood stain for hardwood shutters

Beautiful stained shutters for a traditional appeal

Beautifully stained wooden shutters provide traditional appeal

Never underestimate the sheer luxury and exquisite beauty of stained hardwood shutters. The look, feel and smell of them immediately lets you know they are very special. Just that mixture of artistry and craftsmanship, which S:CRAFT is renowned for, immediately makes them stand out from others. They are distinctive in their personalities, as no two hardwood grains are exactly the same and an ordinary room suddenly becomes something wonderful.

Rather than cheaper uPVC alternatives on the market, a genuine wooden shutter feels and looks like nothing else. Quality always sets itself apart and this is definitely the case with the wooden shutter ranges from S:CRAFT.

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What are the Benefits of Hardwood Shutters?

Hardwood is strong, versatile and easy to maintain, making it the perfect material for plantation shutters, and, as all S:CRAFT hardwood shutters are made using wood taken from sustainable sources, you will be doing your bit for the planet too. If you are looking to create that style and flair, as seen in interior design magazines, then this is a way to do this, while also receiving some major day-to-day benefits, including:

  • Control over incoming light – by tilting louvres, you can decide how you want to let light into your room
  • Privacy control – no more nosy neighbours or passersby, as they won’t be able to see in – without losing light
  • Additional insulation – as your shutters provide an extra layer between the glass and the room, heat will be kept in and cold out, helping to reduce utility bills
  • Low maintenance – once your hardwood shutters have been professionally installed, all they will need is a quick run over with the vacuum cleaner nozzle or a damp cloth
  • Security – their exterior looks act as a deterrent to would-be intruders; there are much easier houses to break into!
  • Versatility – as hardwood is so strong, it is perfectly suited to unusual shaped windows, such as arches and bays, regardless of their size

Whether you choose hardwood shutters for their unique adaptability, aesthetic appeal or simply to create an impressive look, then your only decisions will be what style and stain to choose and which hardwood you prefer.

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Do Hardwood Shutters suit the Workplace?

Don’t just focus on the home, as your place of business is important too. If you have one where you need to impress clients, such as a solicitor, or perhaps your office is open to workers, such as in a factory or newsroom, then the perfect solution is quality shutters. Not only will clients immediately be impressed, stained hardwood shutters will also provide privacy; screening your office from the workforce. They are also the perfect choice for waiting rooms that look out onto a street, such as doctors and dentists. They provide privacy for patients, while still allowing natural light to flood in for reading those five year old magazines!

What works in the Home?

It is incredible just how much hardwood shutters improve the interior look of your home. The traditional bay or bow window, which was formerly hidden behind curtains, will now look stunning as the shutters follow each curve and turn – and, as an added bonus – you have the space in front of the window for a seat or even a table and chairs. There are many different looks that can be achieved with shutters, such as the plantation and New England look. However, don’t be blinkered, as your own look can also be achieved – even if it is slightly wacky. Not only do S:CRAFT have an enormous choice of stains as standard, they can pretty much match any colour from most high street charts.

Wooden Shutter Sample Guide

What different Hardwoods are on offer?

S:CRAFT has two specific ranges of hardwood shutters – both incredibly beautiful. There is the Fiji, which comes in a painted finish that is in a high quality timber, while the stained is made from Paulownia, a plantation wood with a very beautiful grain which takes 7 -10 years to reach maturity. It regrows from its own root ball, so is continuously reproducing.

Then there is the top-of-the-range Samoa, made from exquisite White Teak in a pained finish, and stunning ayous (obeche) when painted. All wood comes from sustainably managed plantations in the East; including timber from a plantation which has held certification since 1998. This means that not only is the wood constantly replanted, it also has a full accountability of its life and is considered to be one of the worlds finest timbers.

Discover more about our varying shutter material ranges today and see which would complete your space.

Which Shutter Styles would suit my home?

As hardwood is so versatile, it can be used in practically any room. The only ones where they are not ideally suited are areas that are humid, such as bathrooms, wet rooms, indoor swimming pools and perhaps in a kitchen where there may be a lot of steam. Wood is not happy with this type of environment, so you are best advised to take a look at the S:CRAFT Java selection, which are 100% waterproof and specifically made for these areas. Any other room will benefit enormously from hardwood shutters. There are several different styles available and your S:CRAFT stockist can advise which is best for you. These styles include:

  • Full Height – perfect for large windows or where full cover is required
  • Tier-on-Tier – the most flexible as they come with a midsection rail
  • Solid Shutters – no movable louvres, these are made from solid panels
  • By-Pass and Bi-Fold – one panel of the By-Pass slides behind the other, while the Bi-Fold concertinas in on itself
  • French and Patio Doors – robust and very beautiful, they let the fresh air in and keep the insects out
  • Café Style – these trendy shutters cover the lower half of the window only
  • Special Shapes and Angles – no matter how unusual your window is, perfect made-to-measure shutters are available

So, whether you are looking for a traditional or an ultra modern look – in your home or your business – then there are the perfect stained hardwood shutters waiting just for you.