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Do Room Divider Shutters Help Update A Living Space?

Shutter Room Dividers Help Transform Your Space

How Can You Transform Your Living Space With Shutter Room Dividers?

We all wish at times that we had an extra room and shutter room dividers can help with that. Expanding the property is another option, but this is expensive, messy and time consuming and normally that extra private space is needed immediately. Room dividers come in different shapes and forms, such as a screen or a piece of furniture, but of course this doesn’t provide any sort of permanent answer. The amount of space remains the same, but actually, it will make a home feel completely different.

When we think of shutters, we picture them covering either the interior or exterior of windows, but with today’s technology, they can be manufactured to fit large areas, such as whole room widths.

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Why Choose Shutters Over An Extension?

Firstly, we have to consider that often an extension is not possible; this may be because of planning restrictions, lack of space or budget. Also, if there is a lot of people in the house, especially young children, the inconvenience would drive us mad. Often a top-up mortgage is required – this means many years of extra repayments, which may be affordable at the time, but circumstances could change.

An extension will increase the value of the property, but local values must be taken in consideration, as there is always a ceiling price that can be achieved. Shutter room dividers are affordable, robust and very beautiful. They immediately transform a large room into two separate, private spaces, but with the huge advantage of being able to fold them back when a large room is required again, such as for family gatherings and parties.

There is also the cost to be aware of. If you don’t have too much spare cash, but want to make your home work better for you, then investing in a room divider can take one large room and create two more conveniently shaped living spaces.

Bournemouth track shutters for patio doors

What Style To Choose?

This will depend very much on where the room divider is to go. It may well be used to divide a large living/dining room or kitchen/diner, but they are also perfect for providing changing areas around pools, indeed anywhere that privacy is required.

Shutters can offer a quiet space for children to do their homework, adults to carry out office tasks and a secluded area for using a computer. There are several different styles to choose from and, as all S:CRAFT shutters are made-to-measure, with measurements having been taken by a fully trained supplier and fitter – who can also advise you on the best type to choose, depending on the location and size – the following options are available:

  • Bi-Fold Shutters – Made from separate panels, they are able to concertina together, either to the left or the right, folding away when not in use. An optional 180* track option allows up to 4 panels to fold back against the surrounding wall. S:CRAFT also has a free-floating version of bi-fold, allowing pairs of shutter panels to slide, giving great versatility.
  • Bi-Pass Shutters – These operate in much the same way as the Bi-Fold ones, but instead of folding back against the wall, they slide either in front or behind each other, so ideal if a partial room divider is preferred. These two types also make stunning doors for wardrobes.
  • Full Height Solid Panel – These are popular for covering small hatches between rooms rather than being completely room dividers in the traditional sense.
  • Tier-on-Tier – This type gives the option of being able to have the shutters partly open, as they come with louvres. There is also a tilt rod which operates the section of louvre it is attached to, giving complete flexibility. Again, only traditionally used for hatches, the tier-on-tier style means you can close the bottom half and leave the top open – perfect for keeping an eye on young children playing.

Frames can be either very traditional or contemporary

The frames can be either very traditional or contemporary, blending in with any style of property or décor and, as they are sprayed at the same time as the shutter panels, an exact colour match is guaranteed. There is an excellent range of materials, the choice of which will depend on the type of room divider needed. Each material has its own advantages and also allows for a wide price spectrum, to suit all budgets.

Room divider shuttersFor example:

  • Antigua Range – This S:CRAFTshutter is made from MDF coated with a tough polypropylene coating. It is available in nine colours and its suitability can be discussed at the same time as measurements are being taken.
  • Bermuda Range – These are made from a very high quality MDF, with lightweight ABS louvres, and come in a wide choice of louvre sizes and beautiful colours. They are hard-wearing and perfect for larger installations than our Antigua range.
  • Cuba Range – These panels are manufactured from a mix of sustainable hardwoods and have a lovely linear grain. This not only gives a stunning finish, it also reinforces and strengthens the shutters.
  • Java Range – Tough and durable ABS is used, so ideal for high traffic flow areas. They are 100% waterproof, making them perfect for anywhere humid, such as a room divider between bedroom and en-suite bathroom. They are easily wiped clean, so sticky fingers are not an issue.
  • Fiji Range – This exquisite range is crafted from sustainably sourced Paulownia plantation wood and have a very beautiful grain, with a choice of several different stains. Choose also from the painted selection, equally stunning and manufactured from top quality hardwoods.

Solid and louvre shutters will completely divide a room, giving total privacy, yet they can be folded back to open up the space again. Louvres are available in many different widths, depending on which material is chosen; all S:CRAFT stockists can explain the various options and what is best for where. There is no doubt that for sheer beauty, versatility, strength and quality, made-to-measure shutter room dividers from S:CRAFT are hard to beat.

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