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A Look at The History Behind Traditional Window Shutters

Traditional Window Shutters

Considering the background of Traditional Window Shutters

Consider the days when glass was expensive and difficult to get – this is the time when traditional window shutters first started to appear. A way was needed to keep warmth in and cold out and the most readily available product was wood. Formed into window-sized shapes, with crude hinges and a central metal security bar – they were indeed considered a luxury ‘must have’ some 500 years ago when the Tudors were ruling England.

Traditional Window Shutters

Bi-Fold Track ShuttersIn the 1700s glass began to be more available to the masses, but shutters still remained popular, as they provided privacy and additional insulation against the cold, wind and rain.

The shutters were installed on the inside as they provided an aesthetic appeal and were more accessible, as walls at this time were very thick and the outside difficult to reach. The panels would simply fold back on themselves when not in use. It is incredible how perfect this design was even then and has required very little change today.

Indeed we still receive the same benefits from traditional window shutters nowadays as people did all those centuries ago; naturally with considerably advanced production methods and quality, such as:

  • Light control – today’s louvre shutters give the ultimate control over how much light enters the room
  • Insulation – ecologically sourced wood provides an extra barrier between the glass and the exterior, keeping heat in and cold out
  • Privacy – shutters provide the ultimate in privacy control, especially during the day when natural light is needed in the room
  • Security – they are an excellent deterrent to intruders
  • Design – they look incredibly stylish and turn any room into something very special

How Traditional Shutter Slats Became Louvre’s

There are mixed ideas about how slats came about and one theory is that the French king, King Louis XIV was somewhat of a voyeur. He installed shutters in his garden walls so that he could view the ladies bathing in the ponds while remaining unseen. However the open shutters allowed the guards to also view the women and this proved to be too much of a distraction for them. He created the slats which allowed him alone to view the ladies. On the assumption that this is true, it is also believed that the term ‘louvre’ was taken from the name of his previous home ‘The Louvre’ in Paris, which is now a famous museum.

Timeless Classic Traditional Shutters

Plantation Shutters HistoryShutters still retain a timeless classic styling and are durable and virtually maintenance free. Used world-wide, there are many different designs and styles to be had.

Experienced and extremely knowledgeable manufacturers such as S:CRAFT  will ensure that quality, tradition and modern, sleek design go hand in hand to keep traditional window shutters firmly in the 21st century and beyond.