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Optional Extras

At S:CRAFT we understand the importance of personalising your home to your individual taste, which is why we also provide several additional extras.

Whether this is adapting the shutters themselves, or altering our standard service, our optional extras are designed to help you realise your vision.

Contact your local S:CRAFT dealer today to explore optional extras available with our plantation shutters. Imagine how you’d like to change your home, then make it happen with premium made-to-measure shutters crafted to suit you, with optional extras for total peace of mind.

Custom Colour

S:CRAFT shutters are a timeless style statement. If you are trying to achieve a specific look to match your existing colour scheme but are hampered by colour limitations found with other companies, then don’t worry! No shade is impossible with S:CRAFT thanks to the custom colour option.

As well as being expertly crafted for your space, the colour matching service means S:CRAFT shutters can meet your design choices. We take pride in the quality of the shutters we supply, which is why custom colours receive several coats of paint, as well as a UV resistant layer, preventing fading caused by direct sunlight. We can match any high street paint including major brands.

Room Darkening

Versatile and insulating, shutters do still let a small amount of light into your home, even when closed, which is why S:CRAFT offer an integrated room darkening blind system. Sitting snugly within its own channel behind the shutter, the room darkening blind provides the functionality of blackout blinds combined with the contemporary look of standard shutters.

If you or your family struggle to sleep due to external light, then the room darkening system is a must. Virtually eliminating all external light from the room, it is ideal for shift workers who need to sleep during the day, as well as for nurseries and home cinemas.

Available for the majority of our shutter ranges, for full height and tier-on-tier shutter styles.

Silent Tilt Rod

If you are looking for a cleaner, more contemporary look for your shutters, the hidden (or “silent”) tilt rod option could be something to consider. Tilt rods are usually connected to each individual louvre with metal pins, allowing for an easy movement to control the light.

Rather than a visible rod, silent tilt controls the louvres by a mechanism within the panel itself, meaning that if you tilt one, the others move with it. For shutters with a mid-rail or tier-on-tier split, the different sections are still operated separately, as with the visible tilt rod option.

You can choose where the silent tilt is located, and for larger windows you could have more than one silent tilt section to your shutter for maximum versatility.

Fixed Louvres

Ideal for room dividers and wardrobe doors, if you wish to have fixed louvres as a a style statement, rather than for functional purposes. However, the visible or hidden tilt rod options are still the best choice if you wish to use your shutters for controlling the light, or provide controllable ventilation to your wardrobe.


Time is frequently a deciding factor when renovating a home. Although we recommend sea freight as our default shipping option (8-10 weeks), you can opt for air freight, which will reduce the amount of time you have to wait (5-6 weeks).

Sea freight is our recommended shipping method due to its consistency in delivery quality. Although every effort is made to make sure your new shutters are delivered safety, more handling is involved in the air freight process, so there is slightly more risk of damage in transit.

Your shutters will be thoroughly wrapped and well packaged in the factory, regardless of transportation method.

Read more about colours & finishes for S:CRAFT plantation shutters.

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