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Shutters Doors and Windows

Shutters for windows and doors

Shutters Doors and Windows

There are many different uses for shutters doors and windows and perhaps you may be surprised to realise they are perfect, for example, as wardrobe doors. Fitted wardrobes are ideal for most bedrooms as they can be built into small recesses that have no other useful function. As your shutter doors will be made to measure, the size of the space is irrelevant and perhaps by choosing tier-on-tier shutters, where the top part has louvres – these can be left slightly open to allow your clothes to stay fresh and aired.

Many other options with shutters for windows and doors

Wardrobe door shuttersThere are many other options with shutters doors and windows. Of course they look amazing and have no close rivals when it comes to making windows in any room and in any property look stunning; they are also extremely versatile.

Consider using them as:

  • Room dividers – take that large room and choose either solid panel shutters or tier-on-tier to create a totally separate area – ideal as a dining space or a quiet area to relax and for children to do homework
  • French and patio doors. This is where shutters doors and windows really come into their own. A large expanse of glass has always been very difficult to cover in a stylish yet practical way; shutters are the perfect solution
  • Track systems. These are perfect for any situation, including wardrobes and as room dividers, but also for pool areas or anywhere that extra privacy is needed. Gliding smoothly along their tracks, they will give you everything you want from shutters and more.
  • Bi-Fold Door Shutters. Again with a multitude of different uses, they are wonderful where space is tight such as in built-in wardrobes, or for folding back against a wall when not in use.

Aesthetic appeal of your property

Naturally, when investing in the aesthetic appeal of your property, regardless of whether it is your home or business, quality and affordability will be on your mind. By buying shutters doors and windows from a reputable supplier such as S:CRAFT, you will find satisfaction on both fronts.

This is not simply a way of covering your windows – shutters are a way of life that will last for many years. They will help to increase the value of your property, while also providing essential good looks, insulation and exceptional light control, potentially helping to save money on having to replace faded furniture, soft furnishings and also wasted heat. They help to keep rooms cool in the summer, reducing the need for air conditioning.

A perfect fit is vital for shutters doors and windows

A perfect fit is vital, so it is always better to buy from a professional, experienced company that is able to measure your windows, doors and openings, ensuring that there are no unsightly gaps and that the door furniture (handles, hinges, etc.) are correctly sited. With a choice of different materials to choose from, such as wood from sustainable sources, extruded polypropylene coated MDF and robust ABS and a wide choice of colours and stains, you will never think about shutters doors and windows in the same way again.

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