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How To Improve Your Nights Sleep With Shutter Perfection

Improve your sleep with shutter perfection

How To Improve Your Nights Sleep With Shutter Perfection

For all of us, getting a good night’s sleep is important and finding shutter perfection is by far the best solution. Unwanted light is something we have to live with in today’s busy, crowded world, whether it is from passing traffic, street lighting or early and late daylight, depending on the time of year. Heavy curtains and blinds will always have light bleed and this is often more disturbing than the actual light itself.

Shutter Perfection

It is considered to be virtually impossible to eliminate light bleed altogether, but it is now accepted that shutters are definitely the ultimate in controlling street and daylight from entering a room, creating an extremely dark environment when fully closed. The shutters are attached to the window frame, so no gaps and for further blackout, they can be used together with blinds. Other than a room with no doors or windows, this is by far the best solution.

There are various different types of shutters available depending on the type of window, such as: 

  • Full height shutters
  • Tier-on-tier
  • Bay Window
  • Solid panels
  • Door shutters
  • Skylights
  • Specially shaped for those more unusual windows

All will provide excellent blackout, ensuring a good night’s sleep, along with the added bonus of enhanced privacy, gorgeous looks and insulation.

Achieving shutter perfection is a great solution

Many people need to sleep during the day, such as shift workers, the elderly and small children – exterior light (sun or street lamp) has always been a problem; achieving shutter perfection is a great solution. However it is important to remember that they must fit perfectly, so buying off the shelf will not do the job satisfactorily. Always contact a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and fitter such as S:CRAFT, to ensure not just a quality product at an affordable price, but also a perfect made-to-measure fit.


The darker the shutters

Blackout blinds generally let in light from the sides and the cord holes, however S:CRAFT does have the PURE Cell honeycomb range, which is unique, and has a room darkening option. They have a special system that secures the slats to the cord, making punched holes unnecessary. If total blackout is required, then these can be used in conjunction with shutters. For those who need to sleep during the day, the feeling of night-time is a great experience.

It will ensure a restful sleep without the disturbance of light and the sounds of others going about their daily business. An important consideration also is the slat sizes. The narrower the slats or louvres, the more privacy is achieved; perfect for bedrooms that are overlooked by the street or neighbouring properties. The colour should also be a consideration for people wishing to sleep during the day – the darker the shutters, the less distracting they will be.

As shutters can be purchased in many different colours and stains, even customised if required, then finding the perfect one for the décor of the bedroom will be easy. Stunningly beautiful, efficient, stylish and modern, there is no doubt that if a good sleep is required, whether it is day or night, then shutter perfection is the undisputed leader.

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