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Shutter Colours

Shutter Colours

Shutter Colours – When we think of shutters, white or natural wood immediately comes to mind as these are the colours which will go with everything – regardless of how many times we change our colour schemes within the home.

These days however shutter colours can be just about any shade we want, so with today’s preference for light walls, adding colour to the windows is a great idea and will compliment and enhance any décor.

Having made the decision to substantially improve the look of a room with shutters, then consider the colours that you already have, such as soft furnishings or maybe a hint of a colour in a feature wall; this will provide some excellent ideas when deciding on the colours for the shutters.

The Most Common Colours For Window Shutters

Whether painted or stained is the preference will depend very much on the type of shutters chosen. For example the S:CRAFT Antigua in MDF has a choice of nine colours, the Java ABS plastic has 23, while the Fiji shutter range has a choice of 24 painted colours and 27 stained.

Many people will select white and with real wood, as near to the natural colour as possible, but many interior designers opt for shades which make more of a statement such as Sea Mist or Chai; still subtle yet stunningly beautiful. But if white is the choice then why not select something a little bit different like Crisp Linen or Marshmallow to soften the sharpness of brilliant white. Staining enhances the natural wood grain and Chestnut, Mahogany and French Oak are all very popular, giving a distinct feel to a room, yet remaining very natural.

Kitchen Shutter Colours

How To Pick Window Shutter Colours

Personal taste will always be an important factor, but as each room is different and has its own purpose, consider wisely. Think about what the room is used for as this is an important part of the decision. The windows in a room such as a lounge, may well be the focal point, so consider colours which will make a statement rather than just blend into the walls.

Bathrooms look amazing with that ‘New England‘ touch using shutter colours such as Silk White, while kitchens will benefit from shutters which coordinate with the units.

Bedrooms and offices lend themselves towards softer colours as they are places where peace and tranquillity is sought, however do look at accented colours within the room, as with so many shades to choose from, shutters which pick out these tones look incredible.

Custom Colours

Regardless of how extensive the S:CRAFT range of colours is, there will always be an occasion when exactly the right shade is just not there. This is why we have gained the expertise to allow us to match many high street brands.

Provide us either a reference number or if it is a particular shade, a colour swatch and we will match it exactly. This way the shutter colours will be the shade required, whether it is a tone taken from a cushion cover or a piece of wallpaper, ensuring the ultimate in perfection.