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What are Shaker Panel Shutters?

Shuttercraft Northants Solid Panel Shutters Shaker

Solid Panel Window Shutters, sometimes known as shaker panels, are the perfect solution for making a statement in any home or workplace. Many modern properties have rooms which are totally devoid of character, but add shutters to the windows and immediately, what was once a drab place, becomes a room of great beauty.

The more characterful home, whether it is from the Victorian era or much earlier, will also benefit greatly, not only because these Shaker Panel Shutters will give the windows the ‘wow’ factor, but also from a practical point of view, as the majority of windows in an older style of property will be of an unusual shape or size. Interior designers love them because of the unique feel that they give to any room and also because curtains are now considered dated and can cause allergies due to dust collection

Shaker Shutter Styles?

There are two main styles, the first being completely solid. They are exceptionally easy to keep clean and dust free and give a stunning period feel to a room. The second is the type with a louvred top section, which can be opened separately, giving options which may be useful under certain conditions such as:

  • Perfect for high-traffic areas, as the solid base allows them to take knocks a lot better.
  • Ideal for rooms that face onto a street, as the top louvred section can be partially opened, allowing in light while giving privacy.
  • They are an excellent choice for cupboards and wardrobes where ventilation is required.
  • Gives the option to allow as little or as much light and air into the room as needed.

Solid Panel Shutter Made From The Finest Timber?

Solid panel shaker styleQuality counts when buying Solid Panel Shutters. Just take a look at our Fiji and Samoa range to see that only the finest timber is used.

The Fiji shutters are made from high quality hardwood that will stand the test of time, keeping that new look for many years to come. The stained range is made from Paulownia, a plantation wood which takes seven to ten years to reach maturity; it is extremely sustainable as it can regrow from the remaining root ball.

The S:CRAFT Samoa range is made from White Teak when stained, and ayous (obeche) when painted, and is without doubt, one of the worlds finest shutter materials, offering the widest range of options to suit almost every home type. 

Shaker Panels – The Perfect Solution For Fitted Wardrobes

Clothing when hanging in a wardrobe needs air otherwise they can acquire a stale odour. Having louvred shutters is the perfect solution as it helps ventilate the inside. So a mixture of solid panel and louvred sections would be ideal for wardrobes, allowing a good airflow without being able to see the clothes inside.

The practical part aside, they also look amazing and will turn an old fashioned wardrobe into something which really makes a statement. As they are made from quality hardwood, there is a wide range of colours and stains available to blend in with any décor, giving your bedroom that very special look.

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