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S:CRAFT Engineered To Last

Engineered Shutters for perfection

Shutters Engineered To Last

Ever wondered why S:CRAFT plantation shutters are the best in the market? Well the reason is simple: We are proud of our window shutters and want you to enjoy living with them.

Our plantation shutters are manufactured by the world’s largest and most experienced window shutter manufacturer, utilising the most advanced, tried and tested techniques and the highest quality materials available to date.

If that’s not enough, S:CRAFT plantation shutters are engineered right from the start. The stiles (side bars of the shutter panels) are constructed from strips of wood, bonded back together in opposing layers for greater strength. This has the effect of breaking the capillaries in the wood through which moisture travels. This along with the strength of the bonding agent ensures that S:CRAFT panels are unlikely to warp and will give you years of enjoyment.

Movement in your panels leads to cracking in the paint or stain finish and this will spoil the aesthetic look of your window shutters. To prevent this, we use mortise and tenon joints between the rail and the stile which are far stronger than dowel joints and minimise movement in this potentially weak area. We also engineer the S:CRAFT panels with an additional expansion joint, just for good measure.

This is why S:CRAFT plantation shutters are the best on the market and why so many customers refer our independent retailers to their friends and family.