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Pure Privacy Window Blinds

Venetian Privacy Blinds

For anyone who lives or works in a place where light can prevent sleeping or affects, for example a computer screen, Pure Privacy Window Blinds are the perfect solution. No longer is it necessary to have heavy curtains collecting dust, when total privacy and room darkening is possible with a much more elegant solution.

Window Blinds or Shutters?

This will depend on personal taste and budget. Shutters are the ultimate in light, privacy, sound and temperature control, but it may well be that your home or office will benefit from Pure Privacy Window Blinds alone; take a look at both options, then you will know which is most suitable.

A company like S:CRAFT will be able to explain the pros and cons of both, allowing you to make an educated decision.

Made To Measure Wood Blinds?

It is essential that blinds are made especially for each individual window, as the whole point of blocking out light and achieving maximum privacy is that they fit correctly. Wooden blinds not only achieve this but they also are very beautiful.

S:CRAFT wooden blinds are made to fit – this is the only way to guarantee that they will your meet expectations. Your blinds should be made from quarter sawn wood to achieve character and eliminating warping.

Pure Wood Blinds. The Conclusion.

If you want quality at an affordable price, then wooden Pure Privacy Window Blinds are by far the best solution. Custom kiln-dried, conditioned and having undergone multiple sanding, you will then have a choice of slat, tape and string colours.

After 10 coats, a final UV protective layer will be applied. Also of note is that they will be finished to perfection with no chipping on the sides and correctly placed control cords. If you want excellence – then this is it.

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