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Pleated Blinds

Blinds Pleated Honeycomb

There are many options available to help you create the perfect look for your windows, one of which is pleated blinds, but there will always be certain things which will need to be taken into account that will affect your decision as to what type to choose. Curtains are becoming less popular as they are not able to match up to the qualities on offer from more modern day window dressings.

10 Facts About Made To Measure Pleated Blinds

They are known to cause allergies as they are impossible to keep dust free. If insulation qualities are high on your list, then here are some facts about made to measure pleated blinds:

  • They are also called Honeycomb Blinds because each individual cell is hexagonal in shape and has the ability to retain still air in its pockets, providing excellent insulation and energy efficiency
  • Pleated blinds are available in different cell sizes, enabling you to choose which will create the right effect for your windows
  • Because of their construction, they are able to block out 99% of UV rays, protecting your furniture and soft furnishings from fading
  • You can select from either a cord loop system or cordless if preferred; the S:CRAFT range incorporates a child safety cord consolidator, which will greatly reduce the risk of your children getting caught up and hurting themselves
  • The air that is trapped in the pockets will keep heat in and cold out and the top down and bottom up options allow you to select the degree of privacy that you require; perfect if you live on a busy road and a major benefit over standard blinds
  • You can choose to have two fabrics combined, giving a day and night option, using a room darkening and an opaque material; perfect for when you need complete darkness or plenty of light
  • Choose also whether you prefer to have ‘Free Hanging, Top-Down/Bottom-Up or Side Guided’, all innovative designs from S:CRAFT, which will give you maximum privacy and light control options
  • If you are considering your décor, then don’t worry – pleated blinds come in a wide choice – 74 contemporary fabric colours and three head rail colours which will either blend in or create a contrast in any room
  • As they are made to measure, the blinds will fit your windows perfectly, allowing a soft level of light to enter the room, making them ideal for conservatories and areas which get a lot of direct sunlight
  • They offer excellent value for money as they are very versatile and will cope with heavy use as they are extremely hardwearing

Honeycomb Blinds

Pleated Blinds Perfect For The Home

Honeycomb blinds are not just perfect for the home, they are also well-suited to any office environment where it is important to greatly reduce glare from computer screens or to provide privacy for staff and clients. There is no doubt that with the wide choice of pleated blinds available, at such affordable prices, it is no wonder that they are so popular.

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