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What is the best way of installing plantation shutters?

Fitting panel to shutters

When was the last time you stood in your house and looked at your windows? Is it still looking how you envisaged? Old fashioned curtains gathering dust, causing everyone around you to have allergies, perhaps there is plastic blinds – difficult to clean and they never hang right.

Maybe you even have net curtains because your property is on a street or you are overlooked by neighbours. Time to take a look at turning your windows into stunningly beautiful features, rather than just something to let the light in.

Plantation shutters are the answer. Not only do they give any room the ‘wow’ factor, they are easy to keep clean and provide the ultimate in privacy and light control. However, correct installation of plantation shutters is essential to ensure a perfect fit. DIY installation is complicated and one small mistake can result in costly remedial work by an expert, so always best to call in the expert in the first place.


What about a Shutter Survey?

In order to ensure that you buy the correct style of plantation shutters, in the right material and of course an exact fit, even for unusually shaped windows, such as bays, arches, circles, ovals, ellipses and gable ends, it is better to ask a specialist to call and talk you through your options.

S:CRAFT is a wholesaler with retailers covering across the UK. When choosing a company, make sure that you find someone who is willing to survey your windows and take precise measurements, to ensure that perfect fit. They will also need to discuss what options are available for your home, including areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and conservatories.

They are crafted exactly for your space, and can be easily opened and closed with a telescopic pole. In order to make your appointment, just visit the ‘Find Your Nearest Stockist’ page. You will then be taken to a postcode search; just enter your details to find the address of a supplier in your area. Give them a call and they will be more than happy to come along and provide you with a quote, survey and advice.

How about getting advice before purchasing?

Once a representative from your chosen shutter supplier arrives, you will soon realise the importance of correct plantation shutters installation. This wonderful type of window dressing is an investment in the beauty and comfort of your home, so perfection is important as they will last for many years. Your specialist will explain about the different styles, such as tier-on-tier, café, full height and solid panel shutters, explaining which will be best for your windows; you will also be able to decide on the type of shutter material you want.

The choices available range from sustainably sourced white teak from certified plantations, polypropylene coated MDF to fully waterproof ABS plastic – perfect for any areas which have a high humidity, such as bathrooms, toilets, wet rooms, pool areas and kitchens.

You will also be surprised to learn that there are many colour options; it is even possible to supply your local S:CRAFT dealer with a colour swatch or reference number to get exactly the shade you want. All your shutters will be made to measure and you can choose your preference in slat sizes – again your expert can advise you on this. Then if you are happy, place your order and in no time at all, your home will be transformed.


The Process of Shutter Installation

Shutter installation s-craft stockistWhen you have reached a decision as to which shutters you want, whether it be for one window or the whole house and are happy with your choice of colour and style, you will be provided with a quote. Once this has been accepted, the process will begin to craft the plantation shutters especially for your home. Depending on the amount required, you will be given an estimated delivery time: this is normally around 8–10 weeks, but is also dependent on factors such as size of order and time of year.

Your shutters are made to the highest standard and to the finest quality, yet still priced competitively so definitely well worth the wait. As soon as they are ready, you will need to arrange a convenient time when your S:CRAFT supplier can come and fit your new plantation shutters, ensuring that everything will be perfect. He or she will then show you how they work, and provide some tips for effective maintenance, as well as giving you some tips to keep your shutters looking great for years to come.

You can then stand once again and survey your home designs, although now you will see your space in an entirely different light. Whether you have chosen Victorian elegance, country cottage character, a contemporary clean look or ultra modern design – one thing is for sure – you will be amazed at the beautiful transformation.