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Pet proof window treatments

Cat vs blinds

Why are pet-proof window treatments important for my interiors?

In the UK, April is National Pet Month, promoting responsible pet ownership across all species and breeds, and at S:CRAFT we want to do our part.

Welcoming a new pet into the family home can be an incredibly exciting time, but as with every new addition there are usually changes to be made to best accommodate them. There are a number of things that you can do to pet-proof your home which, with a bit of thought, will stop them becoming stressed, and should limit the amount of destructive power your new pet could potentially unleash!

From changing your furniture and limiting the number of cables through to fitting cat flaps or upgrading to pet proof window treatments, there is a lot you can do in your home to make it a safer place to live (and not just for the humans!)

Cat chewing wires

Why do I need to protect my home from my pets?

Protecting your home is not just for your benefit, but for your pets as well. Making a few changes in your home will help your pets stay safer and stress-free. Parents who have had to baby-proof their home will understand the importance of investing in the protection from your pet.

Vet bills can be expensive, so it’s better to think ahead and limit the chance of unnecessary costs around the home. Simple additions to your interiors can limit the chances of your pets getting trapped, tripped, shocked or scorched, helping put your mind at rest.

Choosing a pet-friendly interior design can also keep your belongings looking better for longer. They will find it harder to express destructive tendencies if furniture is harder to chew, belongings are kept out of the way, valuables protected, and sturdier window coverings installed.

Even if you have a smaller animal, or even fish, it’s important to keep your space as pet-friendly as possible. Pets usually kept in cages can still cause chaos when they’re let out or exercised, so prepare in advance so you don’t end up having to pay out later.

How to dog proof a door

How can my home be affected by pets?

Dog or cat, fish or bird, hamster or chinchilla, even something more peculiar, there are a range of animals that make up the list of house pets, included as part of the family. However, even the most well-trained pets can’t always supress their animal instincts to chew, nibble, push, scrape and attack your property.

Your home can be affected in a number of ways, so it’s important to keep an eye out for some of these tell-tale signs:

  • Bite marks
  • Chewed furniture
  • Water damage / damp patches
  • Scratches
  • Chewed cables
  • Broken glass
  • Pet caught in window coverings
  • Spilled paint / vases
  • Stained or torn carpets

Cats in particular are worth keeping an eye on, as many are prone to bringing home “presents” of dead or dying creatures and then leaving them around the home. Though your cat may have the kindest of intentions with these unwanted gifts, if undiscovered they can cause unpleasant smells and attract insects.

How could my home harm my pets?

It isn’t just a case of Dog vs Cat when you have pets living in your home. As animals are naturally inquisitive, you may find them getting trapped, and damaging your furnishings on a regular basis. But as well as your home being affected by your pets, it can just as easily be the other way around.

It may seem funny at first when animals fail, but they could end up hurting themselves, causing distress, and even a costly trip to the vets. This is why at S:CRAFT we back responsible ownership, as promoted during National Pet Month, and recommend pet-friendly decorating –  keeping your animals safe without sacrificing stylish interiors.

  • Biting through cables – The bare wires of electrical cables can give even a fully grown human a nasty shock – so just think what they could do to a smaller pet!
  • Poisoning from paint – Most paints are now water based, but some still feature the “Toxic” marking – and should be kept well away from pets and properly sealed.
  • Shutter Louvres Chewed by DogDamaging teeth – It may sound strange, but dogs seem to enjoy chewing the louvres on shutters. Chewing on things around the home can damage teeth, affecting what foods they can eat.
  • Trapping limbs – With four legs rather than two, there is twice as much chance of your pet getting stuck in places around the home – getting stuck usually hurts and is a stressful experience for them too!
  • Strangulation – Larger animals can get caught on window treatments and other features around the home that have dangling cords, with varying degrees of severity.

Choosing to make yours a pet-proof home is not just to ensure that your valuables are safe, or to minimise the risk of bitemarks on furniture, it is to keep your pets safe, too. Simple steps like removing carpet, consolidating cables, or using cordless window treatments are a logical choice, and could potentially save you from future vet bills.

Pet Friendly Blinds and Shutters with Cat Flap

How do you prepare your home for a cat or dog?

The most common pets for UK homeowners, cats and dogs are well-liked for their affection and friendship, as well as potential health benefits! Getting a new pet is a big responsibility and should not be undertaken lightly, so there are several things you can do to ensure your home is ready when they arrive.

  • Cat flaps – These aren’t possible with every property, but separate entrances for your cat (or even dog) will let them come in and out with ease. As shown in the picture above, this could even be through your shutters!
  • Gates – Restrict access to rooms that may not be safe or contain precious valuables.
  • Cable consolidators / protectors – Protects tasty looking power cables and those necessary for electrical devices, such as HDMI, Scart, USB and Coaxial.
  • Throws – Reduces the number of hairs directly on your furniture – and may discourage scratching, keeping your home looking its best for longer.
  • Extra storage – Putting things away will deter inquisitive minds from valuables or tasting cleaning products and will make your home look tidier as well.
  • Rethink your décor – Sturdier furniture, fewer carpets, furniture covers, and higher shelving all help create a dog-proof house and will update the design of your interiors.
  • Shutters – Although not a completely pet-proof window treatment, plantation shutters have no cords, so avoid the risk of choking. The silent tilt option from S:CRAFT, with no visible tilt rod, provides your pet with even less to catch or play with, while still letting you control the light. If you’ve discovered the hard way that your dog destroys blinds, then shutters could be the window covering for you.

Much can be done to make a house a safer place for any new pet, so it’s worth checking in advance what steps you should take before investing in a new addition to your family. Although they are the most popular, dogs and cats require a lot more preparation than other pets. Reptiles and fish, for example, would obviously not require a cat flap, throws or gates, being largely confined to their tank.

Conclusion: what’s best for your pets?

Shutters Investigated by Pet Cat Shuttercraft BristolWhether you are looking for something specific like pet friendly bedroom ideas, or just general guidance about good ownership, it is always worth speaking to your local pet shop for advice. S:CRAFT fully supports the campaign for responsible pet ownership, and choosing the right interior designs to make your pet happy, without sacrificing style.

There are some pet-friendly blinds on the market, such as the S:CRAFT PURE Cell Honeycomb range, but as a robust choice, shutters could be the choice for you. Stylish, elegant, providing excellent light control, and without hazardous cords or ties, we’re sure your new pet will love our shutters too!

We’ve heard from a few customers that their dogs have taken a liking to the shutters, so much that they’ve ended up chewing them a little. If that happens, your local S:CRAFT stockist can order replacement parts, based on your original order, to ensure they are as exact as possible.

Why not speak to one of our UK-based stockists, about how made-to-measure shutters could be the purrrrr-fect solution for everyone living in your home – whether they have paws, gills, beaks or are just covered in skin!



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