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Period Property Window Coverings

Window coverings for period properties

Period Property Window Coverings

One of the many wonderful things about character properties is that they normally have gorgeous windows, so finding the best period property window coverings is essential. The last thing you want to do is cover them with heavy curtains or ill-fitting blinds. As they will usually be in sizes and shapes outside of the norm, this can also cause a problem.

While there are made-to-measure blinds available such as the Pure Wood Venetian and Pure Cell Honeycomb which look stunning, you must ask yourself whether they are right for characterful windows. The solution however is simple – plantation shutters.

Your Choice Of Window Coverings For Period Properties

With many older properties, shutters may well have been installed originally and removed at a later date, but regardless, they are without a doubt the best dressing as they will not only reveal your splendid windows in all their period glory, they will also enhance them and make your rooms look even more stunning.

There are many different styles of shutters available, most of which make perfect period property window coverings. The type that you choose will depend on the age and design of your house or apartment.

Magazines and internet searches can help, but the best solution is to arrange for an S:CRAFT stockist, who has been fully trained in such matters, to come along and take a look. Advice and measurements will be accurate and quality shutters assured.

Window coverings for period properties

Window Covering Benefits For Period Properties

There are many additional benefits that come with plantation shutters, including excellent insulation properties helping to keep heat in and cold out, this in turn will result in lower utility bills – always a plus. They also provide the ultimate in light and privacy control – perfect if your property is overlooked by neighbours or passersby.

Controlling light is also essential as it will help to prevent soft furnishings and antiques from fading. Another huge advantage is that they will be made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect, quality fit with minimal light bleed.

Your period property window coverings will not only look stunning, they will also be extremely functional.

Add Charm and Character To Your Space

Plantation shutters are very beautiful and will certainly add to and enhance the original character and charm. If you have a period property where features have been removed and you want to restore it to its former glory, then there is no better way.

With a lifespan in excess of 20 years, they also make a sound investment, as regardless of any changes you might make to décor, they will still fit right in. You may prefer solid, tier-on-tier, café style or bay window shutters, to name but a few – the choice is yours – but whichever one you select, you will know that you have opted for the very best period property window coverings available.


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