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Window Dressing Ideas for Minimalist House Decor

Minimalist House Living Room Decor

How contemporary window dressing ideas help create the perfect minimalist house decor

Looking for some modern window dressing ideas to help you breathe new life into your interiors? Increasingly popular among architects and homeowners alike, home decor is increasingly taking a turn for the minimal.

Influenced by Scandinavian home decor, minimal designs have a number of features that provide a sleeker and simpler look for your home. If you want to achieve a contemporary look in your home, then a style where less is more could be for you.

In our latest blog we look at the ways you can turn your home into a minimalist masterpiece. Contemporary window dressings are perfect for the stripped back look, and can really make your property stand out from the crowd.

What stylistic features make a minimalist home design?

The internet is full of different tips and ideas to turn your existing interiors into a contemporary styled minimal home. The types of furniture, fabrics and window dressings you choose will make a big visual impact and can help you really make the most of the space.

  • Plain walls
    Plain walls are one of the key minimalist interior design characteristics. White walls are a good place to start, so you’ll need to say goodbye to things like quirky wallpaper.
  • Simple furniture
    Choosing relatively plain furniture is also an important factor to consider. With the Scandinavian design influence, outlets such as Ikea are a popular choice, providing household goods that are sleek as well as functional.
  • Storage – to remove clutter
    When considering minimalist interior design ideas, consider adding more storage space. Built-in cupboards and other storage solutions are not just functional, but also help tidy your home. Clean interior design doesn’t really lend itself to clutter.
  • Larger windows / full height glass panels
    In minimalist homes, it’s all about the light. Large windows and full height glass panels create bright and breezy atmospheres. Both of these can be tricky to cover with curtains and blinds, so plantation shutters could be the contemporary solution to emphasise and control the light.
  • Less is more
    The most important tip to remember is that “less is more” when creating a minimalist house decor. Stripping back interiors, furniture and furnishings means that every element works harmoniously to create the perfect contemporary look.

Latest Styles Window Dressings Bedrooms RGB

What are the latest styles in window dressings?

Minimal designs work best when consistent elements run through your home, and tie the look together. That could mean using white walls throughout, but could also be as simple as choosing new window coverings.

Creating a more stripped back look can lead some people to opt for no coverings at all on their windows, letting through the most amount of light. However, plain glass compromises privacy, so it’s not really ideal for bedrooms, or homes which are overlooked, and can increase the rate of fabric fading caused by the sun’s rays.

There are, however, a range of products on the market that suit many different tastes, so it is important to pick a look that is right for you. For the best window dressing ideas to suit your space, you should explore these solutions:

  • Blinds – Contemporary window blinds come in many styles, such as rollers, Venetians, pleated honeycomb, vertical or Romans. These are often an off-the-shelf choice, with each providing a different look and benefits.
  • Shutters – Both the clean lines of louvred shutters or more traditional solid panels can be stylish alternatives to curtains for windows. To help you complete your minimalist home, there are a range of shutter styles, colours and materials available from your local S:CRAFT stockist.
  • Curtains – Although the classic choice for homes, curtains don’t reflect the minimalist design. Choosing plain white or cream curtains however could complement the plain design of contemporary window treatments.
  • Organic – Natural materials such wooden or bamboo window treatments can help complete the minimal look, providing a striking contrast to the more muted design.
  • Window film – Providing limited light control, films available on the market can be used as modern window coverings for large windows. These are usually applied directly to the glass panels themselves.

Creating your dream home could mean choosing a classic style, or a familiar fabric to build a homely atmosphere and a sense of nostalgia. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in window dressings gives you ideas you may not even have considered. You’ll find there’s a good variety of minimalist window coverings to complement your interiors and enhance the minimalist look.

What colours help create a minimal home design?

A tub of white paint is the best purchase you can make for minimalist decorating on a budget. It’s the cleanest choice for walls, and is normally the most cost effective too.

By definition, pure white is considered to be the lack of pigment in paint, but there are many shades which include very slight levels of yellow, orange or blue, to provide a drop of colour and add warmth.

Popular for many years, there is still lots to be said for choices such as cream, here are also a number of off white shades that can equally help create the desired look.

Lighter tones such as grey, and various shades of white, can be combined with contemporary window dressings, plain furniture and storage, to make the most of the Scandinavian-style decor.

Modern Minimalist Home Furniture Ideas

How can I make the best use of furniture when creating a minimal home design?

As the picture above shows, creating a minimalist interior design living room can be achieved fairly easy with effective use of furniture.

The key is to make the furniture become a striking feature, or to merge into the background, making either furnishings or the floor itself the part of the room that catches the eye.

Stylish Contemporary Furniture HomeClean and simple, basic shades like white and black are great for the minimal look. As with your choice of wall colour, white furniture can often be the cheapest, so it is a particularly cost-effective design choice, while still remaining on trend. Simple furnishings can therefore help you achieve a ‘Scandi style’ minimalist house for a low price.

Like with some window coverings outlined earlier, organic materials such as wood and bamboo are eye catching when coupled with minimal interiors. Finishes such as wood grain can be particularly striking. Your choice of furniture can therefore be suited to your choice of contemporary window treatments for your living room, helping achieve a stylish look.

While extremely stylish, a minimalist house interior can be unsuitable for busy family homes, where grubby handprints, hairy animals and muddy footprints are hard to avoid. So, if your space is prone to dirt then the minimal look is probably not practical for you!

If you would like to know more picking the best contemporary window covering to match your home, why not download our brochure, or contact your nearest S:CRAFT stockist today. If you’re considering the ideal minimalist look in your home, the elegant style of shutters nicely complements the clean colours and shapes.



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