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Paulownia Wood Shutters

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Wood Shutters in Paulownia

Although plantation shutters traditionally come with a stained finish, now thanks to Paulownia Wood Shutters, it is possible to have them in a wide range of colours. Plantation shutters should be able to blend in with your décor and reflect your personality as well as looking stylish and chic. They will change the look of any room while also providing amazing light control, versatility, privacy and choice.

Perfect for any room in the house or work place, Paulownia Wood Shutters will add a touch of colonial glamour to your windows, even special or odd shapes such as curves, triangles, portholes and bays.

About Paulownia Wood

Paulownia wooden shuttersPaulownia wood is sourced from sustainable plantations; it is a very fast growing tree, allowing it to be harvested every 7-10 years. It is sustainable because it is able to regenerate from the existing roots which are left undamaged and this regrowth can occur many times.

The wood used to make Paulownia Wood Shutters is a beautiful warp-resistant, fine-grained type, light in colour, making it perfect for shutters and the end result is a wonderful, natural finish.

The S:CRAFT Paulownia Wood Fiji shutters are ideal for all windows, including full height, café style, bi-fold doors and tier-on-tier.

Paulownia Low Thermal Conductivity

Paulownia wood has excellent insulation properties, with its low thermal conductivity it will keep out the winter cold and the summer heat, helping to maintain the perfect ambient temperature in your home and provide maximum comfort for you and your family. Another wonderful feature of Paulownia Wood Shutters is that, due to a system of rods, as little or as much of the shutters can be opened or closed, enhancing the benefits of the low thermal conductivity.

S:CRAFT Fiji Shutter Range Made From Paulownia Wood

Shutters Paulownia WoodThe Fiji range of Paulownia Wood Shutters are very lightweight, making them suitable for large windows and wardrobes and the panels can be over one metre in width if required. This wide panel option also makes them the perfect choice for room dividers.

The Paulownia wood Fiji range from S:CRAFT is available in 24 painted and 27 stained colours.

The linear grain of the Paulownia Wood Shutters allows for a uniform, premium finish and is ideal for painting. However if a custom-match is required, then we can use any colours from any of the popular leading paint companies.

All you need to do is contact your nearest S:CRAFT supplier with either a paint reference number or a colour sample and we will do the rest.