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Patio Door Covering Options

French Door Shutters Normandy

There are two main types of patio doors – the sliding variety and French doors. Finding the right patio door covering options can be problematic because the large expanse of glass allows a room to get too hot when closed and lets insects in when open.

In winter, when cosy and warm is needed, it is a shame to cover them up with heavy curtains, which not only collect dust and pet hairs, they also cover up the beauty of the doors and detract from the view.

Window Treatments For Sliding Doors ?

There are several things to consider when finding sliding patio door covering options:

  • Will my choice hinder the smooth operation of the doors?
  • When they are open, how do I keep the heat and insects out?
  • When they are closed, how can I achieve a stylish and practical solution?

There is only one sensible solution which immediately solves all the above problems – plantation shutters. Not only will they immediately give the whole room the charm of the deep south, they are also energy efficient, both in summer and winter.

You can choose from full-height, tier-on-tier or bi-folding shutters which, when made to measure, will ensure a perfect fit.

French Style Shutters – Shabby or Chic? ?

Why not both? Go to France and you will see them everywhere. The region usually dictates the colour; for example, the shutters in Brittany are painted in gorgeous shades of sky blue. Not only do they give that French Château look to any room, they are also the best options, being extremely practical. They allow total light and privacy control, as the slats can be fully or partially opened; they are also essential for avoiding the fading of furniture and furnishings. 

French Doors

Normandy Dining French Door ShuttersSelecting the right choice when considering patio door covering options for French doors is crucial, otherwise you can completely ruin the look.

S:CRAFT has a wonderful range of shutters which provide the perfect dressing and as they are made to measure, the cutouts will be in exactly the right place for the door handles. The louvre slats can be opened or closed in sections, due to a system of rods, allowing you to have as little or as much open in any particular section.

Not only do they look stunning and ‘oh so chic’- they are also very practical and will make your French doors look amazing. For all patio door covering options and all our shutter styles why not visit our shutter gallery.

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