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Orangery Shutters

Shutters for Orangery

The orangery is a sophisticated version of a conservatory and they are usually a stunning piece of architecture which will be truly enhanced by orangery shutters.

Conservatory or Orangery?

The fundamental difference however is the roof. While a conservatory will have more than 75% of its roof made from glass, an orangery will have less than 75%. Also a conservatory, in order to meet its definition, must have more than 50% of glazed walls; an orangery therefore is much more of an additional room.

Shuttercraft Birmingham Orangery Shutters

Top Ten Tips For Bespoke Orangery Shutters

Here is some practical information to get you started:

  • Orangeries will normally be anything between 12 to 16 square metres, although they can be any size you want within the realms of space available
  • When you have decided how much ground you have to construct on, measure out the area in your living room, as this will then give you a good idea as to the size you will need and the best type of shutters.
  • Research well on the internet as there are many different designs of orangeries available – consider whether you want yours as a garden room or extra living space. You can then take a look at the S.CRAFT range of orangery shutters to see which are best for you.
  • Once your orangery is built, you will then need to consider window treatments. By far the best solution is bespoke orangery shutters as fit is very important.
  • Always get a professional to measure for your shutters, as in order to be able to use your orangery all year round, you will need as little light bleed as possible.
  • Your orangery shutters will be specially designed and made for your orangery, so no need to concern yourself about any odd shaped windows.
  • Make sure that you purchase your orangery shutters from a reputable manufacturer and installer such as S:CRAFT.
  • Always have your shutters fitted by an expert as mistakes will be costly and time consuming.
  • Check the warranty that comes with them to be sure that it covers all contingencies and is not too short term.
  • Consider also BI-Fold doors as they look absolutely gorgeous in an orangery and are also very practical.

Considering building a new orangery?

Orangeries are suitable for any type or age of property: from quaint little country cottages, to Victorian semis to modern mansions. As they will allow the sunlight to flood into your home, many people actually do choose to grow citrus fruit in them – the smell is wonderful.

Your orangery is an additional room which you will want to use all year round and this is why it is so important to have beautiful, correctly fitting shutters. They will provide maximum privacy and light control. So whether you are considering building a new orangery or wish to enhance your existing one, bespoke orangery shutters are definitely the answer.