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Odd Shaped Windows

Odd shaped windows

These days it is not just barn conversions and characterful houses that have odd shaped windows, it is also modern and new-build properties. Architects love all shapes and sizes, ranging from arches, circles, triangles, octagons and ellipses to name but a few.

Of course they look absolutely wonderful, but are often difficult to find the right window treatments for.

They are not called odd shaped windows for nothing!

Many are in hard to reach places, creating an even bigger puzzle to solve; however help is at hand with premium made-to-measure shutters. Naturally it is not possible to buy them off the shelf  – they are not called odd shaped windows for nothing! Here are some solutions to help, not just in a practical way, but also to enhance rather than detract from the beauty of your windows.

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Five Great Tips For Window Treatment Ideas For Odd Shaped Windows

  • Tip number one is to emphasise the importance of made-to-measure by a company that knows what they are doing. These windows are notoriously difficult to cover in an effective way which will minimise light bleed and still look amazing and ill-fitting covers will be an annoyance rather than a blessing.
  • Tip number two is for those hard to reach windows such as skylights and gable ends, often found in barn conversions. Shutters can be supplied with a telescopic pole for operating the louvres in even the more difficult to reach places. Using a specially designed telescopic pole means that you won’t need to climb on a chair to easily use your shutters!
  • Tip number three is to choose a window treatment that will enhance the beauty of your odd shaped windows. Forget old fashioned curtains and it is no longer necessary to leave them bare – shutters are again a perfect solution: providing maximum light and privacy control, while helping your stunning feature window to look even better.
  • Tip number four for those odd shaped windows is colour – do not be frightened to use it. Wooden shutters come in a variety of different stains and colours allowing you to match or compliment your existing décor.

Alternative window shapes

Regardless of whether you are planning window treatments for your existing property or perhaps are sitting together with your architect designing ‘the perfect home’, it is no longer necessary to decide against or worry about alternative window shapes. Let yours and your architect’s imagination run wild with ideas, knowing that covering those odd shaped windows is not only going to be easy but also wonderfully exciting.


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