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Nursery Shutters

Nursery Shutters

As every parent knows, there are many factors to be taken into account when choosing window dressings in a nursery and there is no doubt that nursery shutters are the answer.

Consider hot summer days and nights when it is necessary to keep a window open – the last thing you want in the room is unwanted visitors such as insects and moths. Foxes have been documented as entering through windows also – not a pleasant thought to relax with in the evening.

Nursery shutters are perfect as they can be securely closed over an open window, allowing cool air in while keeping the nasties out.

Nursery Shutters Easy To Clean

Naturally hygiene is also a major concern in any child’s bedroom. Nursery shutters are very easy to keep clean as they can be wiped over with an antibacterial cloth and any antibacterial spray will keep them germ-free on a daily basis. Curtains are dust traps and can cause your baby to acquire allergies, leading to potential breathing problems; shutters can easily be kept dust-free, thereby eliminating the problem of dust mites.

Young children naturally will touch everything around them including window coverings. Sticky fingers, perhaps even covered in paint or play dough are a nightmare to remove from standard window dressings; with shutters, a quick wipe is all that is needed to bring them back to being hygienic and clean.


Shuttercraft Newcastle Tier on Tier Children Bedroom ShuttersA huge worry for any parent is a young child climbing onto a windowsill, especially if the window is open. The only solution to prevent this from happening is nursery shutters.

During the day they can be firmly fixed to remain closed, while the slats can be opened as little or as much as required, allowing fresh air into the room; this eliminates any risk of potentially fatal accidents.

Young children are by nature curious and everything around them becomes something to investigate. The big outside world particularly has its appeal, which is why you cannot be too careful with the windows.

Also shutters will avoid trapping and potentially injuring fingers as there are no cords to worry about – just good clean lines.

Light Control

Babies and toddlers need lots of sleep and as every mother’s know, this can certainly be hit and miss. Baby knows when he or she is hungry or needs changing and this is often determined by the time of day. When putting your child down for a daytime nap, the last thing you want is light bleed which will inevitably occur with curtains and blinds.

Made-to-measure shutters will greatly minimise light bleed, allowing your child to sleep without interference from this very avoidable source of light. Companies such as S:CRAFT will make your shutters especially for your nursery windows, allowing you to choose not only the design, but also the louvre width, giving you maximum control over how much light enters the room; leaving you in no doubt that nursery shutters are best for both your baby and for you.