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New trend shutter concepts 

New trend shutter concepts 2015

Are new trend shutter concepts still on point 2015?

One of the great things about shutters is that they are timeless in their appeal, new trend shutter concepts only add to their already exceptional beauty. It is however fully appreciated by the leading shutter manufacturers that trends and needs change, so it is important to stay up-to-date. Traditional shutters have been used in homes and businesses for many years and total awareness of a customer’s requirements remains paramount.

New trend shutter concepts

These needs have made subtle changes over the years and while the most relevant ones remain the same, such as beauty, ease of use and long life – as times and ideas change so must shutters.

Today’s criteria includes:

  • The need for better insulation against heat loss
  • To provide additional security, especially in inner cities
  • Privacy has become vital as more properties are built, closer together
  • Colour schemes constantly change and so a wide choice is essential
  • Buying from a company that has a long-standing reputation of supplying quality shutters, superior fitting and excellent customer care

It is no surprise that in 2015, home and business owners, contemplating new trend shutter concepts, will consider these factors very carefully. They will do their homework thoroughly before deciding where to purchase.

Wooden track shutters

Perfect balance between form and function

The rising popularity of shutters in 2015 is due mainly to the fact that they are the only type of window dressing offering a perfect balance between form and function. Not only do they look stunning, they are also robust and will last a very long time, providing all of the above qualities and more.

For example, new trend shutter concepts now include shutters and blackout blinds, giving the perfect solution for shift workers and young children who need to sleep during the day. Also because of their flexibility, they protect soft furnishings, furniture and wooden floors from direct sunlight, avoiding fading.

Busy lives have had an impact on new trend shutter concepts

It is essential that shutters can adapt to changing décors. Natural wood which has been stained and oiled has always been very popular, but nowadays people like to have white or toning colours. S:CRAFT has moved with the times and not only offers a wide choice of different shades, but can colour match with the aid of a swatch.

They can also provide a custom colour from their wide range of paint brands. In addition, busy lives have had an impact and ease of cleaning is essential – just run a vacuum cleaner nozzle over them. This helps combat allergies within the home as dust is kept to the minimum. Exceptional styling and functionality ensures that new trend shutter concepts remain right on point.