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MDF Shutters

Bedroom MDF Window Shutters

There are several reasons why you might choose MDF shutters over the more traditional hardwood, but the main one has to be the price. They are a wonderful introduction into the world of plantation shutters, which regardless of cost will enhance and create elegance and sophistication in any property – not to mention the other benefits such as insulation, privacy and light control.

Cost-effective Window Treatment MDF Shutters

Perhaps you are considering renovating a property to sell on – MDF window shutters not only provide a cost-effective solution to bare windows, they will also appeal immensely to any potential buyer, giving your property a huge advantage over others for sale in the area.

What Is MDF?

First-time-buyers and people wanting beautiful window dressings on a budget will also appreciate the low cost of MDF over hardwood. The main differences between the two is the price, lifespan and the ability to stain, although S:CRAFT MDF shutters come with a Polypropylene coating in five different colours to suit most décors.

MDF or medium density fibre is a material that is produced by mixing sawdust and glue and the result is a product which is both stable and resistant to warping. When made into plantation shutters, it is hard to tell the difference just by looking and manufacturing and raw material costs are greatly reduced; this benefit is then passed on to the customer.

They are perfect for any room in the house except areas where there is a lot of moisture such as bathrooms.

Shutters in MDF

Do MDF window shutters have the same benefits as hardwood

MDF is now extremely popular within the window shutter market and if cost is a factor, then you should seriously consider them as they look amazing. They are a far better option than curtains and blinds which are difficult to clean and can cause allergies due to dust collection – after all – who wants to be constantly washing curtains which look so dated anyway.

MDF shutters have exactly the same benefits as hardwood, the only difference is the reduced colour options and installation capabilities; they are not suitable for special shaped or unsupported window positioning.

S:CRAFT Antigua Range

S:CRAFT Antigua range of MDF shutters are beautiful – just take a look at them on the website, or better still contact your nearest S:CRAFT stockist, (click on the top line navigation heading top right), so that you can see them for yourself. The Polypropylene finish gives them a top quality overall look, while representing excellent value for money and they are extremely durable, even in high traffic areas of the home.

Take a look at the decorative bead which runs down the stile, usually found on more expensive shutters, and you will know that regardless of the great price, you will be buying the very best quality MDF plantation shutters available.