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Ever considered louvered shutters? The moment that you walk into a room where the windows, French or patio doors are dressed with louvered shutters, you will be stunned by the presence that they give to any room, giving a unique character and style. The elegance and sheer beauty make louvered shutters the ultimate in window coverings.

Discover the Beauty of Louvered Shutters

ShutterCraft106It doesn’t matter what age or type of property you have, there are designs to suit and compliment all. Colours are no problem if you wish to coordinate with a current colour scheme, as louvered shutters are available in a variety of natural woods, painted or stained, including of course stunning white.

As louvered shutters are so versatile, their aesthetic appeal is both timeless and tasteful, creating a room which is not only individual but also elegant; by purchasing quality louvered shutters from S:CRAFT, you will have perfect, beautifully crafted plantation shutters which will last for years, no matter how much heavy duty daily use they receive.

Louvered shutters will also add value to your home and make it stand out from other similar properties for sale in your area. There are many different styles to choose from such as traditional plantation, café and special shaped shutters; louvered shutters in a bay window look stunning.

Lets also not forget conservatories and skylights, both notoriously difficult to find anything stylish that will fit, now made-to-measure louvered shutters will immediately solve the problem in a classy and dramatic way.

Why Do Interior Designers Love Louvered Shutters?

Louvered shutters offer the interior designer the opportunity to provide their clients with a richness and versatility that is not possible with other window dressings. It allows them to create a unique space without foregoing any of the modern-day requirements in the home, such as privacy, security and ease of maintenance and care.

There is also the added bonus that louvered shutters trap air between the window and the shutter, providing great insulation without the need for heavy, unattractive drapes.

Interior designers love to add colour to a room, but prefer to do it with items that are easily changed when a different décor is required. Louvered shutters give them this opportunity, as they can be used in a natural wood or white which will go with anything; it is then just a simple task of changing soft furnishing such as rugs and cushions to give a completely new look.

Interior designers and home owners alike also appreciate the ease of maintenance that louvered shutters offer; simply wipe over with a feather duster, damp sponge or the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

Curtains are a thing of the past unless used to compliment the shutters, such as in a filmy silk or organza and are perfect for avoiding dust allergies and pet hairs which are almost impossible to remove from the bottom of curtains.

Interior designers love plantation shutters, with their classic styling and also café louvered shutters which give total privacy to the bottom half of the windows, while allowing light to flood in through the top half. They look amazing in any style of home, whether it is a mid-terraced cottage or a grand London home, in fact anywhere that is located in a position where passers by can look in.

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What Size Louvered Shutters Are Best For My Living Space?

The key to having louvered shutters that will look superb from day one and for many years to come is the sizing. Louvered shutters must be a perfect fit as gaps will completely ruin the effect you are aiming to achieve; measuring yourself is not a good idea as just a millimetre out can make all the difference. It is always best to get a professional louvered shutters fitter in from start to finish, just look contact your nearest stockist to find out more.

They will also be able to advise you which are the best styles and sizes for your windows to provide exactly what you are looking for. The louvered shutters come in different slat sizes, such as 50mm and 63mm, depending on how much light and privacy is required. As today’s trends are ‘less is more’, the wider shutter panels help to create a feeling of space and can stop the room from looking too busy – perfect for any room which has a lot of furniture or decoration.

This is not to say however that the smaller slats are not just as effective. Properties such as country cottages with small windows are much better suited to smaller louvered shutters and if the same property has some larger windows, then the wider shutters can be used to avoid a bigger window looking cluttered.

When the decision is made to transform your home with plantation shutters, your professional installer will ensure that the louvered shutters will fit perfectly and any awkward shaped windows such as circles, arches, ellipses and portholes will be measured precisely, to the last millimetre, then made especially for your window to ensure a perfect fit – turning what is already a thing of beauty into something stunning.