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With so many period properties in the capital, it is no wonder that London shutters are so popular. There are many benefits, quite apart from the aesthetic appeal and of course with such a huge choice of colours, they also look stunning in any contemporary loft or tower block apartment.

Why Are Shutters So Popular in London?

Curtains are now considered old fashioned and people with busy lives simply do not have the time to keep washing them or taking them to the dry cleaners, so plantation shutters have certainly become the window dressing to have. The three most popular styles are Full Height Shutters, Cafe Style and Tier on Tier; read on for the reasons why.

Top London Styles

Full Height Shutters

Offering the ultimate in light and privacy control, these types of London shutters look amazing in any period property or one where a Plantation or New England look is desired. A Full Height Shutter will cover the entire window or door and they are available in either solid panels or with louvre slats – different widths are available. They also have a privacy bar, so that each section can be opened independently of the other, allowing for complete control over the amount of light entering the room and privacy from passersby.

Cafe Style Shutters

This type covers the lower part of windows and is perfect for any rooms that are on street level, The louvres can be opened fully, partially or left closed for privacy, while light still floods in through the top part of the window. Not only do they give excellent privacy from passersby, they also give the property great kerb appeal. Naturally they do not give the same degree of insulation as the Full height Shutters, but for the ‘wow’ factor, they are hard to beat and for any busy London street, they are perfect.

Tier-on-Tier Shutters

These types of London shutters are extremely popular as they give total versatility and look amazing in any property, regardless of its age, as they have a minimalist appeal as well as a traditional look. They comprise of two sets of panels, one above the other and the top or bottom can be opened while keeping the other section closed, giving complete flexibility of use. For example, in an overlooked London apartment, you could put these in the bathroom and close the lower part, leaving the upper part open while you relax unobserved in the bath, gazing at the stars – very romantic!

Five Tips For Choosing Shutters in London

There are so many reasons why shutters are a much better option that curtains or blinds, not least that they are easy to keep clean, maintenance free and look absolutely stunning. Why have a gorgeous London residence and use outdated window dressings – it makes no sense.

Make your choice wisely with the help of the following:

  • Take a good look at each window and the outlook to decide how much privacy the shutters will need to give when considering which styles to choose
  • Think about the décor and if plenty of colour choice is needed or even perhaps a custom colour, then take a look at the S:CRAFT range for many different options, regardless of type
  • Made to measure is essential as even small mistakes look awful. No two windows are the same and many have unique shapes, such as circles and arches
  • Take advice from the professionals to ensure that the London shutters are made from the correct materials for each room, such as the Java range in ABS for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Look through some magazines – designers love shutters and the photos will give you many great ideas

Once the shutters have been chosen and a qualified fitter has installed them, the benefits will soon become apparent; there is nothing like London shutters for privacy, security, light and air control – perfect.