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What To Consider When Installing Window Shutters

consider installing window shutters

What To Consider When Installing Window Shutters

When installing window shutters, the most important thing to consider is buying from a company that you can trust, such as S:CRAFT. Your shutters must be made-to-measure, not only to create that perfect look, but also to benefit from all the advantages that they give, such as insulation, light and privacy control. Beware of companies that carry shutters in stock and cut them to fit, as these will never give the same quality look. Also, avoid pine as this is a softer wood that has a tendency to bleed sap, spoiling the overall look of your shutters.

It is vital that they function as well as they look

Often thoughts turn to window dressing when renovations are being carried out. It is essential that any replacement windows, plastering, painting, wallpapering and tiling are completed before arranging for your S:CRAFT stockist to visit and measure up. Even the smallest changes can alter the configuration of your bespoke shutters, resulting in a less than perfect fit. Shutters are extremely versatile and will look stunning: they are also child and pet friendly and extremely easy to maintain. They can also add value to your property as the kerb appeal increases dramatically alongside other similar houses in the street. As your shutters are considered to be part of the fixtures and fittings, it is vital that they function as well as they look.

Track Shutters for Living Room

What Style of Shutter To Choose?

A chat with your friendly, local S:CRAFT stockist will help you to understand which style of shutter is right for you. Installing window shutters is a skill, as is also knowing what is right for where. For example, it is no good putting MDF or hardwood shutters into bathrooms and other humid areas, as they will eventually warp and twist. Your shutters should look as good as new for a very long time, so choosing the right material is essential.

Here are a few different options on offer from S:CRAFT:

  • Polypropylene Coated MDF – this popular range of shutters called Antigua is perfect for a variety of standard windows. The polypropylene coating makes them extremely robust and looks amazing.
  • Painted MDF – next is the Bermuda range, also in MDF, but with high quality ABS louvres, making them extremely lightweight and with such an incredible finish that it is difficult to see, at first glance, that they are plastic.
  • Hardwood and MDF Combination – a fantastic form of wooden shutters. The Cuba selection comes with MDF frames and hardwood shutter panels, helping to reduce the weight, making them extremely versatile.
  • ABS Lightweight Plastic – known as Java, these shutters are 100% waterproof. You can use them anywhere there is water and steam – even a wet room – as they will not warp or twist.
  • Quality Hardwood or Paulownia – the Fiji range offers the choice of either a painted or stained finish, using only top quality timber from sustainable sources, Paulownia wood is well-suited to a stained finish.
  • White Teak – this is the crème de la crème of wooden shutters and is known as the Samoa range. White Teak is a very special wood that comes from sustainable, certified forests on the Solomon Islands and is impossible to beat for both exquisiteness and durability. It is also known for its optional hidden hinges and distinctive frames.

Having decided on the most suitable material for your shutters, you must then decide on style and colours. Choose from full height, solid panels, tier-on-tier, café style, track and skylight – they are even perfect for conservatories. Your choice will depend on personal requirements for each, individual window, because, as they are made-to-measure, even unusual shaped windows, such as bays, arches and circles will look amazing.

Bathroom Tier on Tier ShuttersPaint? Or Stain?

Materials such as MDF and ABS plastic are best suited to being painted, however, if your ABS shutters are to go into the bathroom for example, be sure that a waterproof paint is used. Hardwood shutters are suitable for both staining and painting, so this will come down to individual taste and décor. Allowing the natural grain and texture of the wood to come through the stain creates a very beautiful finish, regardless of whether your room is characterful or contemporary, although a whitewash is very popular in the more modern home or business, creating a light and airy look.

Painted shutters are also stunning as they add individuality, while complimenting your current colour scheme. S:CRAFT has a large selection of colours to choose from including 28 paint and 20 stain shades. If you still can’t find the exact colour, then the customised option is available, with incredible custom colour match choices from most popular high street companies.

Colour options are not as plentiful in the MDF and ABS ranges, due to practicality, but creating that ‘New England’ or ‘Plantation’ look is easy with the choices available.

So, to sum up – be sure to get your windows accurately measured in order to achieve that perfect look and fit. Ask your S:CRAFT stockist to show you the available options, including single and bi-folding, tilt rails and different louvre sizes and to also talk you through what is most suitable for your windows and budget.

Choosing and Installing window shutters is easy, providing you are dealing with a company that has a great reputation to maintain and offers the guarantees to back this up.