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How To Update The Interior Of Your Home

Updating Home Interiors with Shutters

How To Update The Interior Of Your Home

As you look around your home, you may well be feeling that the overall look is tired and in need of updating. Your thoughts could turn to new cushion covers or perhaps curtains, maybe even some fresh wallpaper or a feature wall – all this is great – but here is a much better solution – plantation shutters. This is possibly something that you hadn’t previously considered, but when your home needs a revamp, this is the most stylish, chic and practical way to make a huge difference. Shutters are also extremely cost effective, easy to keep clean and maintain, unlike curtains which gather dust and fade over time. Shutters will look pristine and gorgeous for many years to come.

Shutters Vs Curtains

Curtains are now rather outdated. It is the window covering our parents and grandparents used, simply because, until the advent of plastic Venetian blinds in the 60s, there was no alternative. Many allergies, especially in children are enhanced and sometimes even caused by the dust mites that live in curtains. Pet hair clings to them and they are usually just the right height for sticky fingers to grab. If you have time to wash your curtains every couple of weeks, then much of this can be minimised, but never eliminated. Also, perhaps you are overlooked by neighbouring properties, or maybe passersby can see into your rooms, resulting in having to keep your curtains or nets closed, just to get a bit of privacy.

Shutters on the other hand offer everything that curtains cannot. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, they are also easy to clean – a quick wipe or a run over with the vacuum cleaner nozzle will get rid of any dust and finger marks. This is only the beginning of the advantages – others include:

  • Light Control – not only will direct sunlight fade furniture and fabrics, it is also very annoying when watching TV or using a computer. Shutters give you exceptional control over how much light you want to let in and where you want it.
  • Privacy Control – as most plantation shutters come with a tilt rod, this allows you to open or close each individual panel. This means that you can, for example, have the bottom half closed, giving privacy from passersby and the top half open, allowing in natural light.
  • Additional Insulation – again that extra layer helps to keep the heat in and the cold out, reducing the need for extra heating in the winter and fans or air conditioning in the summer, saving on energy bills.
  • Cost Effective – your S:CRAFT made-to-measure shutters are extremely hard wearing and have a potential lifespan of 20 years or more. As they are considered to be a fixture and fitting of the property, saleability and the value of your home will increase.
  • Low maintenance – not only are they easy to keep hygienically clean due to their superb finish, which includes six coats of paint or stain plus a UV protective layer, they are very resistant to stains, dents and scratches.
  • Stylish – create a traditional or a contemporary look; such is the versatility of shutters. S:CRAFT offers a huge choice of colours, so you can either compliment an existing décor, go for something new or even completely avant-garde, especially if you like contrasting colours.

Skylight Shutters Reflection

Made-To-Measure Shutters Dramatically Improve the Look of Any Room

Once your made-to-measure shutters have been installed, you will never go back to curtains again. They dramatically improve the look of any room and can create an image, such as country house, New England and Colonial. If your home is very modern, then shutters can produce an image of light and space, as your windows will be uncluttered and have that impressive ‘wow’ factor. The most popular colour choice for both the contemporary home and for the New England look is often white. The country house or Colonial look is easily achieved with stained wood, while the avant-garde image can either be created from the S:CRAFT palette or a customised colour, if the exact shade you want is not there.

Different Styles Of Shutters

Many homes in the UK have bay or bow windows – shutters are perfect for these, as they will follow the curves and angles, leaving the space in front of the window for a seat or table. Unusual shaped windows such as arches are also not a problem as your shutters will be made-to-measure, so will fit perfectly, regardless of how awkward the shape or size. You can choose from several stunning designs; your local S:CRAFT stockist can talk you through your options. These include full height, tier-on-tier, solid panel, café style, track, bi-folding, conservatory and skylight shutters.

Once your shutters have been installed, you will be amazed at the incredible transformation, not just to the internal look of your house, but outside too.