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Save Energy With Shutters

How Do Window Shutters Help You Save Money In The Home?

Like everyone, you are probably concerned about escalating utility bills and it has become a challenge to save energy and money in your home; the solution – plantation shutters. The changing climate appears to be producing colder, wetter winters and considerably hotter summers, resulting in the need for more heating and air conditioning or fans. It has been shown that around 25 -50% of the energy you use to heat or cool your house is disappearing through the window glass and frames. There’s a weak link in your home and it’s your windows.

This results in the need to turn up those thermostats a degree or two. Wooden window shutters add a solid layer in front of the windows, so just by installing incredibly beautiful shutters, you will immediately start to reduce your bills.

Do Plantation Shutters Provide Any Benefits?

One of the main benefits is that, apart from reducing utility bills, they are the only type of window dressing that fulfils every need. All S:CRAFT shutters are made-to-measure to an exacting standard, using precise measurements that will be taken by one of our fully trained stockists and fitters, ensuring a perfect fit to maximise the ability of plantation shutters to save energy and money in your home. They will provide an extra barrier between the glass, exterior and interior of your home, keeping cold air out through the winter and warm air in. Those hot summer days and nights are taken care of too, as your rooms will be kept lovely and cool.

Other benefits include being able to open your windows wide while keeping the shutters closed, allowing fresh air in and bugs and moths out; especially useful on those sticky, humid nights. Shutters also provide total control over privacy and light.

Perfect if you are living in a busy area as you can, with the aid of a tilt rod, decide which part of your shutters to leave open, allowing natural light in, while closing the other half, ensuring privacy from neighbouring properties and passersby. As if this wasn’t enough, plantation shutters are also incredibly beautiful and will fit right in with any age, style and décor.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what our customers had to say when one of our stockists, ShuttersUp recently asked them if window shutters prevent heat loss in their home

Window shutters helping save money in house

What Type Of Plantation Shutters Should I Choose?

This will depend very much on where you want to put them. Many people choose to have the whole house done at the same time, to maximise the savings that can be made in utility bills. Others might choose to have one room done at a time. Budget is another important factor, which is why S:CRAFT offers such a wide selection of different options, from the starter range right through to superior quality and sheer luxury. Your local stockist/fitter – easily found on our website – will be able to advise you, but here is a quick run-through of your choices:

  • Antigua – this is the starter level for gorgeous shutters. Made from polypropylene coated MDF, they are robust and perfect for high traffic areas, where they may be in constant use. Choose from five different shades of white.
  • Bermuda – next up the ladder is this selection, made from painted MDF with a polypropylene sleeve, giving the shutter a very natural finish, resembling hardwood. Available in a huge range of contemporary colours.
  • Cuba – with panels manufactured from a mix of sustainable hardwoods, the linear grain is very beautiful and perfect for painting. There are a wide variety of louvre sizes and six of the most popular colours, to suit any décor.
  • Java – made from a high-grade ABS, these are our 100% waterproof shutters, so perfect for bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens, and for providing privacy around swimming pools and changing areas. There is a choice of six waterproof, painted colours.
  • Fiji – there is a choice with Fiji shutters of either a painted finish using first class, ethically sourced hardwoods, or a stained finish, made from stunning Paulownia wood taken from sustainable plantations. These very beautiful shutters come in a choice of 28 painted colours and 20 stains. There is also a customised option.
  • Samoa – these top-of-the-range shutters are made from White Teak (stained finish), or alternatively ayous (aka obeche) when painted. As you would expect from this incredibly opulent range, there are 23 paint options and a choice of and 27 stains plus a customised colour if preferred.

Naturally, solid wood provides a better insulation material than ABS, as they have a low thermal conductivity, but all shutters will provide that essential extra layer between the glass and outside. Any windows which are not properly insulated will benefit enormously from shutters and ones that are will still gain that additional layer, while looking amazing and being very practical too. Many of our customers have told us that once shutters were installed, this delayed having to put the heating on for several weeks.

stylish wooden plantation shutters

Are Unusually Shaped Windows Covered?

Bay, round, arched, octagons, ellipses – whatever the shape, your windows can benefit from made-to-measure shutters from S:CRAFT. As our shutters are designed to be thermally dynamic, a solid panel shutter could, for example, save more than 50% of wasted energy, resulting in lower utility bills.

Remember though – if you are planning on having additional work carried out, such as new windows, tiling or plastering, then do get this done before ordering. Just the smallest of changes can result in your perfect made-to-measure shutters being slightly out and this will reduce their insulation qualities.

All our shutters are made to the highest standard and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee, as your complete satisfaction is essential to us. Your shutters will help to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter while looking simply stunning. There is no doubt that plantation shutters will save energy and money in your home, while also creating that very special window dressing that you often see in interior design magazines and have wondered how to create.

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