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How To Dress a Bay Window

Bedroom Bay Window shutters

Dressing a Bay Window

The minute you walk into a room, your eyes are immediately drawn to the window. Picture in your minds eye a room with a normal oblong window and then picture the same room with a bay window. Immediately it has character – which is why many architects incorporate bay windows into their designs. But how to dress a bay window is always the question.

Curtains detract from the beauty and what about privacy from neighbouring houses and passers by – the last thing you want is old fashioned net curtains.

Window Treatments For Splay Bays

A splay bay is a window which, rather than being curved, is more of a square, so a central window with windows either side. This is an extremely attractive window, but very difficult to dress.

Curtains will look messy as three separate curtain rails will be necessary and when the curtains are drawn, that gorgeous splay bay window is totally hidden from sight – what a waste. Again a solution has to be found which will enhance the bay window and also provide privacy and light control.

The best solution is shutters as these not only will enhance your splay bay as no other window dressing can do, they can also be made to measure, so nothing but a perfect fit and design will be achieved.

Bay Window Blinds

Blinds also provide a wonderful solution as to how to dress a bay window. Forget plastic, S:CRAFT has a super PureWood range of blinds with a unique system for cord connection to the slat, meaning that there are no large holes for the cord to go through, which greatly reduces light bleed and ensures maximum privacy.

Because the wood used is lightweight, it is possible to have them in lengths up to three metres, so perfect for bay windows, especially the splay bays. There is a choice of 14 paint colours and 19 different stains, so fitting in with the décor is not a problem.

Bay Windows with Interior Shutters

Lounge Bay WindowPicture again that window, but this time imagine it with stunning wooden shutters – now this is how to dress a bay window. As they will be made to measure, the fit will be perfect, turning your already gorgeous bay window into something stunning which people will remark on the minute they enter the room.

Light control and privacy are no longer an issue, because you now control both and when your shutters are closed in the evening, your bay window is still on show in all its glory.

For those long, hot summer evenings, open your windows wide and partially close the slats to allow the cool breeze in and keep the insects out – perfect.

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