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The Top Five House Shutter Styles

Bathroom shutter styles

There are many reasons why shutters are now fast becoming the number one choice for homeowners and designers alike, but with such a wide selection available, we have created a list of the five house shutter styles that are the most favoured, starting with:

The Most Favoured House Shutter Styles

  • Full Height Plantation Shutters – These are incredibly popular as they not only give wonderful sound and temperature control, they also provide privacy. They can be divided into sections with a system of rods, allowing certain areas to remain open while others are closed, giving full control over light and privacy. They also look wonderful when used to cover patio doors.
  • Cafe Style Window Shutters – perfect for terraced cottages and houses that are on a busy road or pavement. They look amazing and really add that touch of French café style chic, while also providing the perfect solution for light control and privacy. Covering just the lower section of the window, the louvres can be fully or partially opened and natural light will still flood in through the top half of the window.
  • Bay Window Shutters – With so many houses having bay windows – not just older style, but also modern contemporary – the most popular solution for a stylish yet practical window dressing has to be shutters. Bay windows are stunning to look at and it makes absolutely no sense to cover them up with curtains, which is why this style of window dressing is a must to be included in our top five house shutter styles list.
  • Conservatory Shutters – as conservatories come in all shapes and sizes and are chosen to provide an all year round living space, shutters are now considered by far the best option as they give total control over light, heat and cold. They will also be made to measure, so no unsightly gaps which are present with other types of coverings, plus the advantage of a specialist, such as S:CRAFT, who can measure accurately.
  • Track Shutters – these are becoming increasingly popular as they are a stunningly beautiful way to dress any large windows and doors, such as Bi-Fold, wardrobes, room dividers, swimming pools and many more areas that were before, almost impossible to find something that would fit, look good and provide light and privacy control at the same time.

House Shutter Styles That Look Amazing

Not only do shutters look amazing, but they last a very long time, do not go out of fashion and are easy to maintain and keep clean, helping to reduce allergies and other respiratory problems that come with dust mites who love curtains but hate shutters. When considering our list of the top five house shutter styles, think about the shape of your windows and which type will be perfect for them.