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Secure your home to help prevent intruders and protect your loved ones

According to recent crime figures, burglaries in the UK have risen by 21% over a 12 month period, so there has never been a better time to secure your home.

Choosing the best security window covers for your home can make a real difference in terms of getting the best burglary prevention, keeping your loved ones and valuables as safe as can be.

Did you know…

  • Almost 1/3 of burglaries occur between 5 and 8pm
  • Roughly 1 burglary every 40 seconds throughout the UK
  • 35% of burglaries recorded by the police carried out in Metropolitan area, as well as Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and West Midlands
  • 59% of burglaries occur when the victim is still in the property
  • 28% of burglars gain access via a rear window

Clearly burglary is a widespread problem, so it is best to be prepared, and keep your property and loved ones secure.

What is the emotional impact of a burglary?

Intruder resistant home windowsAccelerating crime figures and reduction in police numbers means the risk of falling victim to crime are getting ever closer to home.

Burglary causes huge distress. If you don’t invest in secure window treatments such as grilles, rollers or internal security shutters, then the lasting feeling of intrusion and violation following a burglary can greatly impact on your sense of security.

For children especially, it can be very frightening experience, which can have deeper psychological implications.

Even if you’ve not experienced the trauma of break-in first hand, there’s still every chance burglars could be targeting homes in your neighbourhood, which is why boosting your levels of home security is a worthwhile investment.

What is at risk in my home?

Each burglary is unique, and for some belongings, there really is no way of buying a replacement, regardless of whether it is covered by your home insurance. The sentimental value is so high, or possessions so rare, that you may be willing to go to almost any length to keep them safe.

Pricier items such as jewellery, money and computers account for over half of the possessions stolen during burglaries according to recent crime statistics.

Infographic Most Burgled Items

(Credit: https://www.safe.co.uk/safezone/2017/06/burglary-hotspots-and-commonly-stolen-items/)

It is also worth remembering that in the lead up to Christmas, the number of break-ins tends to rise, so ramping up your home security can help your peace of mind during the festive period.

How at risk is my property?

While any property can be targeted by burglars, there are particular types that can be vulnerable to break-ins including:

  • Vulnerable Basement Flats Require Window Security

    Basement flats

  • Isolated, rural properties
  • Holiday homes or second homes
  • Businesses with sensitive information or high value contents
  • Single pane glass windows
  • Properties containing expensive or rare possessions

Do you live in a burglary hotspot? Find out here.

If you think your space could be more secure, there are a number of security products and solutions available on the market to help keep you safe.

How can I increase my home security?

Be careful and considered when it comes to making changes to your home, and it can have a positive impact.

There are a number of ways in which carrying out simple changes to your property and lifestyle can help increase your security, and notably reduce your chances of being burgled:

  • Home safety options protectionWatch for people following you home
  • Don’t leave windows open
  • Regularly check locks and doors
  • Don’t post your whereabouts on social media
  • Hide your valuables
  • Use lights around the outside of your home
  • Install double glazing with locking features
  • Use window coverings to your advantage
  • Use alarms where possible
  • Domestic security shutters

Running every October, National Home Security Month also provides a great reminder about the different ways to keep your space secure. Just look out for your nearest participating company!

What security products are right for me and my home?

What security products help prevent burglaryBurglary prevention can take many forms, and there are now a number of different products on the market to help keep your home secure.

Technologies such as CCTV, alarms, and motion sensors tend to be reactive, rather than preventative, catching evidence of a crime rather than preventing one. With lights and alarms going off late at night, they can also annoy your neighbours too, and be considered intrusive in the case of CCTV.

Smart Home Security Systems can satisfy the more technologically minded individual, usually controlled through a smartphone. However, as a mixture of alarms, lights and cameras, they still rely on reaction, rather than prevention.

Investing in the basics, such as outside lights or secure window covers, can make a real difference and help you feel safer indoors.

External roller shutters for windows can also be an option to consider for protecting a business premises overnight, and window grilles have been a form of home security for many centuries, but neither enhance the aesthetic look of your property while keeping it safe.

Aluminium Security Shutters For Windows Locks

How could Aluminium security shutters benefit my home?

The Portchester range from S:CRAFT gives you unparalleled home protection without comprising on looks. The patented Italian locking system locks into a rigid, tamper-proof aluminium frame, and the plantation shutter style suits a wide range of interior designs.

  • Nursery Aluminium Shutters securityBuilt in durability

Portchester shutters are durable and incredibly hard wearing. They are also powder coated for a long-lasting, anti-corrosion finish. For added assurance, they are CE certified to meet the EU’s rigorous quality standards, and come with up to 5 years manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Securely elegant

Traditional deterrents are often unsightly, built for purpose rather than design, which is why Portchester is like no other. The shutters combine strength, security and stylish elegance in one unique package.

  • Insulation for your home

Aluminium security shutters help you control seasonal weather elements. Adjustable 89mm louvres allow you to control air flow into your home, minimising the sun’s heat in summer, and helping retain warmth during winter.

  • Versatile by design

Suiting your interior design tastes, our security shutters are available in the popular full height style, as well as both bi-fold and bypass track systems. Deluxe satin white and charcoal colours are available as standard as well as a custom colour option to suit your needs. As the Portchester range resembles our existing shutter products, you can enjoy a consistent design throughout your home.

  • Complete privacy & light control

Adjustable louvres give you complete control over your privacy, and keeping prying eyes out. At the same time, they also provide excellent light control, getting the levels just the way you want them.

  • Interior and exterior fitting

Crafted from architectural grade aluminium, these shutters are corrosion resistant, hard-wearing and work both inside and out. They look like any other plantation shutter, while providing extra protection for exposed properties.


Aluminium shutter’s preventative security features work harmoniously with your surroundings, giving an extra layer of protection. This is particularly the case when coupled with simple no or low cost changes to make your home a bit safer.

Interested in extra home security, but don’t like the way that some solutions look? Aluminium security shutters could be just what you’re looking for.

Contact S:CRAFT today to find a stockist covering your area, and take those first steps to making your home as safe as it could possibly be.

Options such as external roller shutters, grilles and bars provide an obvious visual deterrent to keep intruders out, but there are definitely more stylish choices to consider! Intruder resistant aluminium shutters are specially designed to give you complete peace of mind while blending beautifully with your chosen space.

Available in a several colours as well as a custom colour option, the Portchester range of security shutters could benefit your home and help you sleep soundly. Don’t delay and request a survey from an S:CRAFT dealer today.