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Hold Down Brackets For Wood Blinds

Hold down bracket

Hold Down Brackets For Wood Blinds

First of all – what exactly are hold down brackets for wood blinds? We all dream about coming up with a great invention that will become a useful object worldwide and make us millions – well that is what a down bracket is. It is not clear who actually invented the first ones, but there is a patent out for a mini blind, which is held by Bruce G. Wilkins and Randolf E. Helm.

It would seem likely however that it came from one of the major manufacturers, as it is ingenious in its simplicity, yet incredibly functional – one thing is for certain – somebody had a ‘eureka’ moment.

Hold down Brackets For Wood Blinds – What Do They Do?

They have one job only and that is to hold down blinds which can easily become damaged when the window or door they are fitted to is open, especially if they are swaying in the breeze. The brackets reduce the movement of the blind and indeed hold it in place so that there is no unnecessary motion. Not only does this protect the blind, it also avoids the clacking noise that they can make as the air blows through them.

Hold down brackets for wood blinds are available in different sizes and materials, such as plastic and metal and are small and unobtrusive.

The Actual Fitting

Fitting blind bracketsThey will be placed at the bottom of the door or window and the sides of the bottom rail of the blinds will slot into them, so accuracy is important. It is always better if the S:CRAFT installer can fit them, as it takes no time at all and correct measurements are guaranteed.

The hold down brackets will come with screws and it is necessary to drill the required amount of holes, usually two, to the exact size.

Lower the blind to the preferred length and then place the hold down bracket – aligning the tab to where the holes have been drilled – and fix into position. Insert the tab into the pre-drilled hole.

Raising and lowering the blind is simple, just release the bottom rail from the hold down brackets for wood blind(s) and free movement is once more achieved.

Hold down brackets not always included…

Often they are not included in the price of your blinds, so ask your supplier as they are well worth having. They can be installed quite easily after the blind has been fitted by anyone with a talent for DIY. So don’t forget to ask for your hold down brackets for wood blinds.  

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