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Heritage Paint Colours

Heritage Paint Colours

Colour Match Your Shutters For a Fantastic Finish

If you think that shutters come in just plain white, black or natural wood, then think again; Heritage paint colours allow you to coordinate your shutters with the age and style of your property and also your décor. If you have an ultra-modern house, then the more traditional colours available will probably not be to your taste, but as S:CRAFT has more than 50 stock colours, plus the ability to customise the out of the ordinary, shutters are able to adapt to any theme you wish to create.

Heritage Paint Colours

Colour match shuttersInterior designers are the best people to ask with regards to which colours are currently fashionable and trendy. They also appreciate that in period properties, the refinement and character of the age must be adhered to, albeit perhaps with a modern twist. This is where Heritage paint colours really come into their own.

They are taken from extensive research into exact historical colours that have been used through the ages, specifically from Georgian times through to the 1970s. If you want a groovy 60s theme for your shutters, then look no further.

Heritage paint colours from the past to the future

For timeless, classic appeal, the selection of Georgian, Regency and Victorian colours will add that air of authenticity. The wonderful shades that were the height of fashion from the 1930s right through to the 1970s will add a dash of style to your shutters, while ensuring that modern day décor is also taken into account. Various shutter styles are available and most are suitable for any age of property, such as:

  • Full height shutters – perfect for Georgian and Victorian properties
  • Tier-on-tier – suitable for any age of house, apartment or cottage
  • Solid panels – ideal for any period property or as room dividers
  • Café style shutters – gorgeous with both modern and characterful houses
  • Bay window shutters – again suitable for any age of property

Maximum protection with Heritage paint colours

Gable End Special Shape ShuttersThe Colours Of England collection from Heritage paint colours offers a choice of around 128 contemporary and classic shades, so the choice is incredible. But if you can’t find what you are looking for, then S:CRAFT can customise your perfect colour pallete from many of the popular famous names and more.

Another important factor is the six coats of paint or stain and the UV protective layer that S:CRAFT apply to their shutters, ensuring long life and maximum protection from sunlight and subsequent fading. Your colours will stay beautiful, just as they were when your shutters were first installed, for a very long time.

Many modern house owners still choose white or natural wood and the effect will always be stunning and timeless, but as the colour of painted shutters can be adapted as and when your taste or décor changes, colour matching them to your current colour scheme, whether it is traditional or modern, will certainly greatly enhance any room.

The Heritage paint colours selection is able to give you fresh ideas that may not have immediately sprung to mind, giving your shutters and your home an incredible and stylish finish.