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Why S:CRAFT Shutters?

Plantation shutters create a style statement in your home with their sleek, clean aesthetic, turning your windows into interior design features in their own right.

They are also incredibly versatile and provide a host of practical benefits that you simply cannot achieve with any other window covering. And it’s not just windows! Interior shutters can also be used as stylish room dividers and wardrobe doors.

Shutters are becoming increasingly popular as more home owners become aware of their many benefits.

There is a huge range of shutters on the market, from budget vinyl to top of the range solid woods. From a brochure they can look very similar, but the quality of the engineering as well as the robustness and stability of the materials should all be taken into account.

If you’re looking for a premium made-to-measure product and plenty of options to suit your taste and budget, then S:CRAFT shutters fit the bill.

S:CRAFT shutters are produced on our own factory line in the world’s largest shutter factory with state-of-the-art facilities. Choose from the widest range of styles, colours and quality materials, from robust MDF to sustainably sourced hardwoods.

Six layers of high quality paint or wood stain are applied, including a final UV layer to protect from fading. With 20 years’ experience as a shutter specialist, S:CRAFT is a UK brand you can trust.

The perfect fit

All S:CRAFT shutters are made-to-measure so you can be sure of  a premium product that’s designed exclusively for your space.

A stylish new look

S:CRAFT shutters are more than just a window covering. They are a lifestyle feature, designed to function around your needs, exactly as you’d pictured it.

Total privacy, when it suits you

S:CRAFT shutter panels can be divided into Independently-controlled sections allowing natural light in but keeping unwelcome attention out.

Any shape fitted

S:CRAFT shutters can be manufactured to suit all window shapes, no matter how curved or angled, small or large.

Low maintenance

Easy to keep looking their best and working with ease, S:CRAFT shutters offer a virtually maintenance-free existence.

Ultimate light control

Each panel can be independently adjusted to temper the light and provide outstanding light control.

Fewer ‘bless yous’

S:CRAFT shutters are quick and easy to clean – just a quick wipe with a clean cloth and you’re good to go. Excellent for dust allergy sufferers!

Being more insulated and economical

S:CRAFT shutters not only keep you cool during the summer, but help retain heat during the winter months.

Increased kerb appeal

S:CRAFT shutters look as good from the road as they do inside your home. Front facing shutters can really enhance the look of your property, especially stunning bay windows.

Peace of mind

All S:CRAFT shutters come with an authenticity logo and manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

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