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Half Height Shutters

Cafe Style Shutters Half Height

You may feel confused when you hear the term Half Height Shutters, until you realise that they are also known as Café Style Shutters. They look amazing in any property and give a wonderful kerb appeal to mid-terraced cottages and Victorian houses which are overlooked by people passing by.

They also give that chic French feel which looks good in any modern or architect-designed home. There is no room in any property that they are not suitable for and some office buildings have them in order to provide their workers with privacy, while still getting maximum natural light.

Easy to keep clean and available in many different materials, colours and stains, décor is not an issue and S:CRAFT can also make them in their 100 percent waterproof Java range, so ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens, indeed any rooms with a humidity problem.

Why Choose Half Height Indoor Shutters?

Cafe Style Shutters RBGYou could just choose them just because they look gorgeous or you could choose them for practical reasons, so why not both? Without a doubt they make a feature of any window and can look particularly stunning with Organza or Silk drapes either side, giving a real sensation of luxury.

The more practical side of these shutters is their ability to provide total privacy without losing any natural light. Whether you want to relax in a chair or window seat and read a book or watch television, you can close the shutters, preventing sunlight from affecting the screen of your computer or television, yet still allowing natural light to come in through the top half of the window.

People passing cannot see into your room, so you have the best of both worlds – total privacy and natural light.

Very much the choice of young home owners who want to give their house or flat a trendy look, reveals the versatility of this type of shutter, as they equally well provide character to the more traditional style of home or workplace.

The Pros and Cons of Half Height Shutters

As always it is good to know the pros and cons before buying anything, especially for the first time, so here are a few to give you an idea,
starting with the pros:

  • They cost less than full shutters and tend to let in more light
  • They do not require cords, so give a smooth, clean look
  • They are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit
  • They provide excellent control over the amount of incoming light and also privacy


  • They do not provide the same degree of draught proofing and sound insulation as full height shutters
  • They require curtains for nighttime privacy if the property is overlooked
  • You can still see that your windows need cleaning!

Okay – so we are struggling to find anything against these types of shutters. They are uniquely different from the full height ones and are used for different reasons, therefore it is always best for you to make up your own mind, as you know your exact reasons for considering them.

Keep Your Rooms Light with Half Height Shutters

Take a look at the S:CRAFT range of Half Height Shutters and the photographs will give you a good idea of just how much light they let into a room, while still providing maximum privacy.

As the light is coming in from the top half of the window, they also help to avoid fading of furniture and fabrics and because of the amount of natural light, this can result in a saving on electricity costs – always a bonus. Half height shutters don’t just look amazing, but offer many practical solutions, enhancing your rooms and not detracting, as many other types of window coverings can.

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