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Children’s Bedroom

Imagine a stylish, safe alternative for the ones you cherish, in the spaces they love the most.

Your child’s bedroom is the part of your home that is uniquely theirs. Likely to be untidy, covered in posters or stickers, and possibly filled with stuffed animals, the bedroom can be a little world where your kids can really be themselves.

Made to measure your vision (or even that of your child if you’re feeling brave!) the custom colour option for S:CRAFT shutters lets you choose a colour to suit their tastes. There are also countless patterns and fabric choices to suit their tastes, as well as a digital print option, to provide a look that is uniquely yours.

S:CRAFT shutters and blinds offer a safer alternative to many types of window covering, without relying on cords or ties that act as a hazard for inquisitive young minds. As a member of the BBSA (British Blind and Shutter Association), S:CRAFT supports the Make it Safe campaign, helping parents and carers make informed decisions about the safest window treatments for the home.

Let your little ones sleep soundly, whatever the time of day

To help your children sleep, whether napping during the day or through the night, S:CRAFT window coverings offer room darkening options, including the Shutter & Shade range that includes an integrated blind. This sits in its own channel behind the shutters, blocking out virtually all light from the outside world, creating the perfect conditions for your kids to sleep.

Adding a layer to your windows, our shutters and blinds provide your home with additional insulation, helping keep your kids’ rooms warm during the colder winter months. They can also help reduce external noise, letting your children get the rest they need after a busy day.

Think how your kid’s bedroom could benefit from safe, stylish and healthy window coverings, then see your vision come to life with S:CRAFT. Contact your local supplier to arrange a home visit and discuss how you could make a world of difference for your little ones.

Children’s bedroom window coverings:
  • No cords or ties
  • Easy to clean
  • Integrated blind option helps eliminate virtually all outside light
  • Custom colour option

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