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Imagine a space where you can get the peace and quiet you need when working from home

Whether you work at home occasionally or on a more permanent basis, it is important to get the right environment to help you concentrate. Adding an insulating layer to your windows, S:CRAFT shutters and blinds help to minimise distractions in your office space.

If you work for a company, or are self-employed, you will be governed by health and safety law, which means your home office space needs to have sufficient light levels. Having a gloomy room can lead to eyestrain and headaches, whereas too much natural light can be dazzling, especially when reflecting off computer screens.

Shutter styles such as tier-on-tier, or full height provide excellent light control, helping you keep the sunlight off your screen when working. If you are wading through a tricky document or spreadsheet, S:CRAFT shutters and blinds help keep your focus, by reducing the sun’s glare, without blocking out the natural light.

In case your office is overlooked by nearby properties, or next to a pavement or road, then shutters can provide the privacy you need for your home. Tilting the louvres or slats can help hide your office equipment, such as computer or invoices, without losing the natural light filtering into your space.


A timeless style statement that completes the look of your home office space

No space is ever too awkward; no colour impossible; no scheme unachievable – with our shutters and blinds you can have your home office looking just the way you want. As well as windows, shutters from S:CRAFT can also be used as room dividers, letting you separate your space from the rest of the house.

As the shutters and blinds we supply are tailored to your exact specifications, they can also be used as bespoke wardrobe doors. Complementing your home office design style, S:CRAFT window treatments keep your files tucked away in style, and can make the most of those little spaces in the corners of your home.

Imagine your home office space revamped to create the right environment to help you concentrate when working, then consider it done. Contact your local S:CRAFT retailer to discover the right shutters or blinds to breathe new life into your office.

Home office shutters and blinds:
  • Great for windows, as well as room dividers and bespoke wardrobe doors
  • Add privacy
  • Keep the sun off your screens
  • Insulate against the warm and cold

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