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Imagine total privacy when your business most needs it, without having to block out external light

Picture privacy for your customers and employees alike. Perfect for most commercial properties, S:CRAFT shutters and blinds help screen off your interiors from the outside world. For first floor offices and meeting rooms where sensitive information has to be protected, our solutions stop prying eyes from peering in, without shutting out the sun.

Café style shutters provide a fantastic choice for business owners. Especially good in restaurants and cafés, the panels cover only the bottom half of window, screening off people inside without blocking out external light. If your establishment faces directly onto a busy road or pavement then your customers will thank you for it.

A stylish, premium way to keep customers and employees happy on your premises

Having a light and temperature controlled business space is not just a matter of health and safety law, it helps improve the morale of your workers or customers. Gloomy premises can lead to eyestrain and headaches, but having too much sun can also be a bad thing, reflecting off of computer screens, also leading to headaches.

Shutter styles such as tier-on-tier give you a fantastic level of light control. You can move different parts of the shutter independently, helping you get the light levels right for your business.

Whether you have staff needing to focus on complicated spreadsheets, or customers trying to tuck into a tasty lunch, S:CRAFT shutters and blinds reduce the sun’s glare, without blocking out the natural light.

As some commercial premises have to be as hygienic as possible, such as nurseries or establishments dealing with food, you’ll may also need a window covering that is easy to clean and maintain. Shutters can be cleaned with a quick and simple wipe with a cloth, and our hardwearing blinds can be easily cleaned for a hygienic finish.

Why not look up your nearest S:CRAFT retailer today and help to bring the vision for your business to light by ordering premium commercial window treatments, crafted just for your space.

Commercial shutters and blinds:
  • Provide privacy
  • Make a stylish first impression
  • Café style great for restaurants and cafés
  • Easy to maintain
  • Excellent light control

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Shutters are a technical product with plenty of options to choose from to suit your tastes.
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