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Full Access BiFold Door

Bi-Fold Doors from Shuttercraft Gloucestershire

Perhaps you are one of the many home owners who is now considering installing a full access bi-fold door into your kitchen or lounge or maybe you have just purchased a home which has them already, in which case you will now be appreciating the enormous benefits over the more traditional patio or French doors, which limit the benefits that you get from a gorgeous conservatory, patio or garden.

The Advantages of Full Access Bi-Fold Doors

There is no doubt that they look amazing and the amount of light and feeling of space that they introduce into a room cannot be compared to any other type of doors. You will soon discover that the benefits far outweigh the initial cost.

Why Bi-Folding Doors?

There are many advantages to take into consideration, such as being able to fold back on themselves or run on a track allowing your outside space to come into your home. They are extremely easy to use as they operate on a free-glide system, using virtually maintenance-free needle roller bearings; this also ensures their durability. Another advantage is that there is a wide range of designs, giving you the flexibility to choose what is right for your room, regardless of where you want to use them.

Picture them in a kitchen/breakfast room where you can sit in the mornings with the sunlight streaming in – a great way to start the day.

The Benefits of Track Shutters to Dress Your Full Access Bi-Fold Door

This is a major consideration once your full access bi-fold door has been installed. Because the area is so large, many traditional window dressings are more of a hindrance than a help and look awful.

Curtains are just not suitable as the draw is too long and blinds look untidy and keep getting in the way. The best solution by far is track shutters. Not only do they look stunning but they give you exactly what you need from a large window covering.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Bi-Fold Shutters will concertina together as you draw the panels along the tracks, allowing you to have uninterrupted use of your doors
  • They provide total privacy after dark
  • You will be able to open the exterior glass doors while keeping the shutters closed, but the louvres open, allowing in plenty of light while keeping the bugs out
  • They will help to prevent bright, constant sunlight from fading your furniture and fabrics
  • Because they are made to measure, the fit will be perfect, enabling them to stand up to an enormous amount of wear and tear

Don’t forget also that there are many other uses for a bi-folding doors, such as room dividers, wardrobes and swimming pool areas – indeed any area where privacy is needed, but only at certain times.

S:CRAFT not only have Bi-fold windows and doors, but also By-pass, allowing you the flexibility of choosing either shutters that fold back on themselves or ones that are drawn along tracks. With a great choice of shutters widths and colours, you will certainly find the perfect solution for your full access bi-fold door, no matter what the size.

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