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Energy Saving Window Shutters – Let’s Keep The Heat In

Energy Saving Window Shutters

Energy Saving Window Shutters

Let’s Keep The Heat In !

These days, we are all concerned about constantly rising utility bills and it has become increasingly important to look at additional methods, such as energy saving window shutters, to try to reduce them. We know the importance of loft and wall insulation and double glazing, but there is so much more that we can learn about and do with regards to how to reduce heat loss in our home and workplace.

Every day we read about energy saving tips, but very often windows and doors are overlooked. Heavy curtains have been a solution since material was invented in the 3rd century BC, but with today’s requirements for stylish designs and also our awareness of just how many allergies curtains can cause, the need has arisen to provide energy efficient window coverings which are not just practical, but beautiful too.

Solar Shading Helps Reduce Energy

This is a term which many of us will not be familiar with, but is closely associated with the use of window coverings such as energy saving window shutters. Solar shading will help to reduce the amount of energy we use in many ways, such as:

  • Keeping heat inside the home or workplace during the cooler times of the year,
    which will allow radiators to be turned down by a degree or two
  • Sun rays will be filtered during the hotter months, ensuring that rooms stay cooler, reducing the need for expensive air conditioning and fans. An added bonus is that fading to furnishings and
    soft fabrics will also be minimised
  • Energy saving window coverings will also help to distribute natural light in a more efficient way,
    reducing the need for additional electric lighting

Just these few simple ideas for solar shading can reduce energy consumption by anything up to 10%, which in relation to the amount of energy used annually by a family or a business, can add up to a great deal.

Some Technical Stuff!

Let’s keep this simple, while still bearing in mind just how important solar shading is. U-values give an indication as to how much heat is being lost by any object, the lower the U-value the more energy efficient the object is. Taking the normal type of double glazed windows that most of us have in our homes and businesses, the U-value will be around 2.9. The addition of an internal blind will reduce this to 2.1, so all to the good at around a 30% improvement. However, if internal energy saving window shutters are installed, this will give a U-value of an incredible 1.9. Now it is possible to see how this type of window covering will save on utility bills while looking absolutely amazing and stylish too.

Research by the Glasgow Caledonian University has shown beyond doubt that blinds made from energy saving materials are just as effective in the prevention of heat loss as heavy lined curtains, but without all the disadvantages. So with research showing that blinds and shutters will reduce U-values with pizazz, the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration is by how much, as the total amount will depend on the type of shutter or blind used and the standard of the glazing that they are covering.

How to Use Window Shutters and Blinds To Their Full Advantage

We all live our lives differently and use will vary accordingly, especially in the workplace, but by installing energy saving window shutters wisely, maximum benefits will be obtained. For example, during the winter months, open them for as long as possible in the mornings in order to make the most of the solar energy given to us for free by Mother Nature. As soon as the sun begins to disappear, close them as this will help to keep the heat stored throughout the day in the room.

Please view this short video kindly supplied to S:CRAFT by the BBSA thank you.

Changing The Way We Think About Window Treatments

The days now seem to be long gone when our seasons were clearly defined, so knowing how to improve the energy efficiency of our homes and workplaces has become a major consideration. Energy saving windows have gone a long way to helping us to achieve savings on our utility bills. But due to the irregularity of the weather, there is so much more that can be done without losing any of the attractive features that often come with windows in different ages of properties, such as making lead light and sash windows energy efficient. Windows are a known weak point in properties and correct insulation is of major importance, not just with the type of glazing, but also with the type of dressing. This is why moving away from old fashioned curtains to energy saving window shutters and knowing which are the best window blinds for insulation, is essential.

The Importance of Solar Shading

New and more modern buildings are often constructed with solar shading in mind, but the technology is still greatly ignored and under-utilised. Not only can it have a major impact on improving thermal comfort and energy consumption, it can also improve quality of life within the home or workplace. We are all aware of the amount of radiation produced by the sun, which, although it varies at different times of the day, still affects us; solar shading can help to control the amount that enters our lives on a daily basis. Whatever devices are used to assist solar shading on our windows and façades, they need to be able to cope with whatever the weather throws at us, allowing us to maximise the free heat provided by the sun, so that we can lower our winter heating bills and minimise the impact of this same heat during the hot months, reducing the need for costly cooling methods. Finding the best balance for each individual needs is key.

The Importance of Blinds or Shutters as a Solution

Knowing how to use the heat and light of the sun entering our homes and businesses is important. We all love the sunshine – it makes us feel and look better, but sadly, it does not do the same for our furnishings and the last thing we want to do is to close the curtains during the day. Window shutters will allow the sunshine to be filtered so that the heat is used without affecting items in the room, giving the best of both worlds. S:CRAFT also has blinds which together with shutters can create an almost total blackout, so perfect for children’s rooms and for those night workers who wish to sleep during daylight hours. The rest of the time, they not only provide a superb feature in any room, but also will allow maximise the use of solar shading.

Ways in Which Solar Shading Can Help Us

We all want to save money, but solar shading has many other benefits too. Although these may not seem as important as reduced energy bills, S-CRAFT knows from speaking to their customers, that other factors can be just as relevant. For example:

  • By reducing heat loss during the winter months, the ambient temperature in the room remains
    very pleasant without having to turn the thermostat to a higher level
  • The ability to introduce the technology of automated opening and closing of s
    hutters and blinds means that even people with busy lives, or ones that spend prolonged periods
    away from home, can still reap the benefits, including added security.
  • By reducing the amount of artificial heat used, we are able to greatly reduce
    our carbon footprint by decreasing harmful emissions
  • Business owners have the added advantage of being able to have a more precise
    control over light and temperature, making the workplace much more pleasant, productive and profitable

If a new build is being considered, then this is the perfect time to talk to the architect about solar shading, so that it can be considered and incorporated during the design stage, thus affecting the type of glazing which will be used and also the sort of heating, lighting and cooling systems that will be needed.

Whether the property is new and ultra-modern or old and characterful, talking to an S:CRAFT specialist will prove invaluable when considering installing shutters or blinds, as they will be able to discuss with you the essentials of their energy saving products. Each property is individual and commercial premises have their own special requirements; expert advice will potentially save future costly mistakes. There are many different styles and colours to choose from, so blending in with any age of property or décor is not a problem and no excuse for not making the most of solar shading. There is no doubt that stylish yet practical energy saving window shutters are the way to go.


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