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Which Window Coverings Are Best For The Environment?

Eco-Friendly Window Coverings

What Are The Most Eco- Friendly Window Coverings?

When picking a product for your home, you should incorporate several different factors into the process. If they are missing any one of them, then they cannot claim to be 100% Eco-friendly.

Things to consider carefully

When thinking about the environmental impact of the choices for your window, you’ll need to consider these questions:

  • Are they made from from natural, non-toxic materials?
  • Do the materials come from a sustainable source?
  • Will they provide an energy efficient window covering?
  • Can they be recycled when they come to the end of their lives?

Sadly most window treatments cannot claim all these requirements, however plantation shutters meet the criteria perfectly. Wooden blinds can be a good choice, although you would need to check that they are from a sustainable source for them to be really eco friendly. Another option is PURE Cell Honeycomb blinds or cellular shades, as these can help your property to be warmer, with their layers of accordion-pleated material that are able to trap air. When your home is warmer, then naturally you will need to put the heating on less, thereby saving on energy often gained by fossil fuels.

Why Plantation Shutters Are The Most Eco- Friendly Treatment For Windows

Louvres S-CRAFT ManufacturingBuy your shutters from a reputable company and they will be able to answer all the above points in the affirmative. For example, when ordered in a stained finish, the S:CRAFT range of Samoa plantation shutters are made from the finest white teak that has been harvested from the Solomon Islands, which must provide a full account of the sustainability of their timber.

The stained Fiji range is also made from sustainable Paulownia wood which has a beautiful grain and texture. Reaching full maturity within 7-10 years and regrowing automatically from its own original root ball, makes paulownia the ultimate in sustainability for premium products such as window shutters.

Plantation shutters are the best window treatment available when it comes to keeping the heat in and the cold out as they are very energy efficient, while also being stunningly beautiful. Of course your shutters will probably last for decades, but should you wish to change them at some point in the future, wood is always easy to recycle.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Your Window Coverings

You may well be concerned about your carbon footprint and do your best to reduce it, not only for ecological reasons, but also to save money. This is where being Eco-friendly with your home furnishings can really come out on top. They provide great insulation, allowing you to turn down the thermostat on your radiators in the winter. They also help to keep hot air out, greatly reducing the need for air conditioning and fans during the summer months – both very expensive to run.

This automatically reduces your carbon footprint substantially. Draughts will be excluded, also reducing the amount of electricity needed and heating costs. One thing is for sure, by choosing the right environmentally friendly window treatments it is a win-win situation for both you and the environment.

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