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DIY Plantation Shutters

Shutters DIY

In the past window shutters were used to protect the the home from inclement weather, however these days, with thicker window glass available, shutters are used more as a feature. If you are considering DIY plantation shutters, making and mounting them correctly is vital.

DIY Plantation Shutters Explained

There is nothing so stunning as shutters; not only do they dress the windows in an elegant manner, they also come in many styles. Whether you or your customer want ultra-modern, traditional, Victorian or characterful, all types of DIY plantation shutters are available. They are wonderful for controlling the light flow into a room, greatly improving the aesthetics.

Correctly made, well fitted DIY plantation shutters will not only give the home wonderful feature windows, they can also help to improve the value of the property when it comes to selling.

Plantation shutters are a long term investment, so cheap is not the best to buy; they look great to start with but soon become shabby.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Plantation Shutters

The pros concern mainly the price as they will almost certainly be much less than made-to-measure shutters from a professional company such as S:CRAFT.

If your budget will only extend to DIY plantation shutters, then they will look far nicer and be more practical than traditional roller blinds or curtains.

Negatively, however, they can be tricky to assemble and mount and if the measurements are even slightly out, it can be a nightmare. It is always a good idea to investigate prices from your local S:CRAFT supplier to see how they compare installed and fully guaranteed.

Making Your Own DIY Plantation Shutters

If you feel confident and are competent to assemble DIY plantation shutters, then there are plenty of different types available. It is important to take very careful measurements of the windows and calculate how you would like the shutters to be mounted.

As DIY window shutters are usually mounted inside the window frame, the importance of exact measurements must not be underestimated. Installing DIY shutters is not difficult as long as care is taken in the preparation.

Once the sizes have been calculated, you will then need to assemble each panel of the DIY plantation shutters individually. Cut all the separate parts in advance as this will make the construction process less difficult and time-consuming. Make sure that all the components and panels are exactly the same size and do bear in mind the hardware that will be used.

Hardware will be needed for each panel and is important for the overall look that the same type is used throughout, ensuring that it is of a material that will not corrode or rust; stainless steel is a good choice.